I watched Blackpink in Singapore: What was good and what can be improved

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I saw strangers become friends as they shared their love for Blackpink and took care of one another during the concert. Some fans even provided free banners and kits to the people around them.

All these made for an immersive experience, making the negatives somewhat bearable.


Full disclosure, I thought the planning of the concert left much to be desired. However, that was in no way the fault of the on-ground staff who went above and beyond to ensure that people were safe and had fun.

When fans on the leftmost side of section A2 had no place to sit down after our soundcheck, the staff made everyone else stand up and move to give those fans some space. 

When someone fainted a few rows in front of me, the medical team was swift in transporting her out of the area.

When word got out that more and more people were getting dehydrated during the concert, staff members handed out water bottles to concert-goers.

In my opinion, a lot of things could have gone wrong during the concert but didn’t, thanks to the staff.


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