Is Bruno Fernandes truly a world-class player after his Europa League final showing? | Extra Time

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf answer all of your Europa League final related questions in Extra Time after Villarreal’s victory on penalties vs. Manchester United.
0:00 Should David De Gea really be blamed for Man United’s loss given the Red Devils played poorly during regulation?
2:39 Is it a fair argument to say Bruno Fernandes isn’t a world-class player because he didn’t take the game by the scruff of the neck?
4:52 Does Man United’s defeat show that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just isn’t good enough? Should the Red Devils consider Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte or Massimiliano Allegri?
9:49 What will happen first: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer winning a trophy or Craig playing celebrity marbles on TV like Frank?
10:53 What were the celebrations like after one of your teams won a major tournament? What was your most memorable celebration?

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37 thoughts on “Is Bruno Fernandes truly a world-class player after his Europa League final showing? | Extra Time

  1. It makes me laugh, that Man Utd fans do not understand that they are in a race ! and that all the pundits understand that Man Utd are in race and are losing and are in danger of falling further behind the best and most successful football club in England !
    Its a simple fact they ask ? are Man Utd going to do something to regain the right to be called the most successful club in England ?
    Or are they just going to potentially fall further behind ? Again
    What was the gap last time ? 18 titles to 7 was it ?

  2. ESPN FC, I am waiting for a video with the title "Is Kevin de Bruyne a truly world-class player after his CL final showing?". 🤣🤣

  3. These guys are talking bs, Manu is run badly from the top, look at what Chelsea did in a year can be done just need to invest in the club

  4. Very few world class footballers even exist in the current era compared to previous.. A lot of 'very good' players of course, Bruno being in that category.

  5. Fernandes not world class.
    I follow Portuguese league and when Fernandes was playing for Sporting Lisbon he never convinced me.
    Fernandes got a very big head, and constantly complains to the ref.

  6. Those trying to compare points won in any premier year, like Ole got 74pts but Mourinho got 82, are total MORONS. the 1999 treble winning side got 79pts. so according these morons logic, Mourinho were better than the 1999 side LOL BTW Bruno has created 85 chances this season than any other player in any European league FFS

  7. Kdb,Sterling, John stones, and most of the man City players played worst in ucl final but all rants are towards Bruno because he kept his team fighting entire season and they lost one final

  8. I read on Franck’s wiki page that he was mainly a substitute for France in the 98 WC but played the final where he man marked Ronaldo….. Correct me if I’m wrong but was this not the game Ronaldo had that mysterious illness or something and didn’t play? Might wanna update that page

  9. Man goes missing 80-90% of the game, can’t dribble, can’t thread passes or resist pressure, is constantly out of position and spams 50 shots a game to get one G/A but our deluded fans will call him a world class game changer. Bruno is a decent player with a good shot on him but his stats have him massively over rated by the fanbase. He’s been over performing his xG and xA for months.

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