Is Jurgen Klopp's behavior a sign of internal pressures at Liverpool? | ESPN FC

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Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf have their say on Jurgen Klopp’s recent run-in with a journalist after Liverpool’s 4-1 defeat vs. Manchester City. Burley says Klopp was rude and rotten and we may be seeing “the real Klopp” come out with Liverpool’s backs against the wall. He continues that Klopp has lacked common decency and says his actions with the press are unacceptable for a manager of his caliber. Hislop thinks if Klopp is acting in such a manner with reporters he must be the same way with his players and could be in danger of losing the dressing room.

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23 thoughts on “Is Jurgen Klopp's behavior a sign of internal pressures at Liverpool? | ESPN FC

  1. 0:32 How can one "deserve" "more than enough plaudits"? Make up your mind, Burley!
    I generally don't agree with Klopp's taking full responsibility and refusing to apportion blame to deserving players. I understand why he is doing it externally but hope he isn't being as accommodating of mediocrity and sub-par performances during internal interactions.
    My utmost respect to our gaffer for fighting to keep his personal tragedy away from the media. He lost his mother, with whom he had an extremely close relationship, to COVID-19 on January 19 and not even the German press got hold of the story before February 9. Just like Guardiola before him, Klopp could not travel to his home country to say a proper farewell.
    I am heartened by the many that put rivalries aside to send Klopp their messages of condolence when the tragic news leaked. Individual and team messages ranging from Raheem Sterling, to Fulham F.C., Manchester United F.C. and F.C. Barcelona. Class acts.
    Deepest condolences to the gaffer and his family. YN🔴WA

  2. There may well be personal reasons for Klopp's bad mood, but I share Shaka's concern that he's the same with his players. That wouldn't make for a happy dressing room.

  3. 1-burley was unaware of klopps mother's illness at the time this came out

    2-klopp has a history of being tetchy with reporters, journalists, officials going back years when results don't go his way.

  4. These pundits are all existing to keep creating these click bait headlines. If they're so great and knowledgeable please take up a managerial job rather than just talking and criticizing others. You can say these managers don't help themselves with their antics but it's human beings being human. jk was impulsive and wrong in his behaviour. I just feel he's too easily riled by some journalists who may be just nasty and keen to poke him.

  5. I think Graig Burley owes klopp an apology the guys not long lost his mother anyone who loses someone close to them can't be expected to do there job at its maximum hes a human being and a very talented one as that 🙂 hes achieved alot more in football than what Burley has in his dreams have some respect man :/

  6. his mother died and he can't even attend the funeral…..but yeah show 'common decency' to journalists who are out to trip you up at every turn for a story.
    Craig Burley is the one who's shown his true colours here and his mouth is bigger than his knowledge of…well anything.

  7. The real embarrassing thing is people that criticize people but wouldn't be able to do a fraction of what the people they criticize can do

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