Is Sergio Ramos a good fit for Man United if he leaves Real Madrid this summer? | Extra Time

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Frank Leboeuf and Shaka Hislop answer your latest tweets in Extra Time, including:
(0:08) Will Manchester City’s lack of a No. 9 impact them in the UEFA Champions League?
(1:04) Are we forgetting how good Diogo Jota was for Liverpool until he went down with an injury? Would Liverpool have won some of the games they foolishly lost?
(4:14) Would Sergio Ramos be a good signing for Manchester United if he decides to leave Real Madrid?
(5:36) Did a coach ever put one of the pundits on to do something crazy like start a fight or do a two-footed challenge?
(6:48) What was a football match that made the pundits cry?
(10:28) Can Lyon win Ligue 1?
(11:19) What are the guys’ signature cocktail orders?

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47 thoughts on “Is Sergio Ramos a good fit for Man United if he leaves Real Madrid this summer? | Extra Time

  1. What nonsense is Frank on about? He’s acting like we are talking about peak Ramos – 5this is a guy at the end of his career. How is it any different to Sanchez, Cavani, Ibrahimovic or even Schweinsteiger going to Utd? Utd are playing much better too now than when all the above named players came to Utd. Craig is closer to the reality on this one – it’s Utd that are unlikely to go down that road

  2. Craig no to the glasses. It makes you look like a lying “hate America” political analyst. You really got me thinking you didn’t know what a gym’s “bar” is.

  3. Shakka I share your pain. I was on a plane flying over the Oval, everyone in red. When I landed in Tobago and heard the news, so many emotions, it almost spoiled my vacation. But you'll know, Tobago cures all angst.

  4. why? is he gonna leave silverware and one of the top 3 teams in the world to go in the hopes of making the top 4? if this was manchester of 20 years ago, definite yes! but this isn't that team.

  5. Frank Leboeuf hates Man Utd because he is Chelsea fan but Craig who is also Chelsea fan is acting more professionally why would Man U go Sergio Ramos now he is 34 that would be bad business for club I like Ramos but he is 34 now we should buy young CB and 3 more players to get back to top

  6. Imagine kicking a 14 year old out of the house and making him sleep outside because you're mad about a football game. That family should not have been given any exchange students.

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