Is this Real Madrid’s most impressive UCL title? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Sid Lowe and Shaka Hislop answer your questions on #FCExtraTime.

0:00 Why is Sid down?
1:05 Which UCL title is most impressive from Real Madrid?
2:40 Why don’t goalkeepers get recognition for the Ballon d’Or?
3:42 How do LaLiga fans view the Premier League?
5:04 Craig’s story of getting fined during his career
8:38 Start, bench or sell: Prime Salah, Prime Hazard and Prime Griezmann
14:27 Did Craig watch Monaco and Indy without getting spoiled?

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49 thoughts on “Is this Real Madrid’s most impressive UCL title? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. They beat the best England and France has to offer. They are the best cup team in the world and their best winning run to the UCL yet.

  2. Honestly its as synonymous as Denmarks run in the Euros after Eriksens unfortunate collapse. This team showed heart ac soul. The never say never die spirit is what makes you different from anyone. The other teams needed to be perfect to win Real Madrid needed to just BELIEVE

  3. Real madrids most impressive win was 2018. That was a ridiculously hard run. PSG in RO16 the defending champions of france and best team in france.Juventus in the quarter finals, defending Italian champions and best team in italy at that point, also the finalist from the previous years champions league. Bayern munich in the semi finals, serial german champions and best team in germany. Then Liverpool in the final, who looked great in europe that season and it was Salahs first season, and he lit the Premier league on fire. Plus Liverpools european pedigree.

  4. Sid is the most objective ESPN FC analysts/pundit. Real Madrid deserve credit for taking down PSG, Chelsea, Man City & Liverpool, one after the other to win the UCL title. Steve is the most bias, especially because we beat Liverpool, LOL! This run can be used for motivational videos at leadership schools.
    Hala Madrid!

  5. Yes, bc the almost the exact same group of guys didn’t even need CR7 to beat big teams!! All this big talk abt the prem ruling again, yet not a single british team has beaten a spanish side in like 15 years in any final🤣

  6. Well it's not their best team but the way they got to the final I suppose you could argue that but then by the same token is liverpool winning against Ancelotti ac Milan in Istanbul 2005 liverpool best champions league win ever because it was an average team in comparison with a lot of liverpool teams that have won throughout history and in comparison with this team really I keep stressing this point and I can't say it enough the champions league at the end of the day is a cup competition ie anything can happen who would of predicted Villarreal would of beat bayern Munich and Juventus and get to the semifinals this season for example the best team in Europe is not necessarily the winners of the champions league excluding the odd exception like Barcelona in 2009 and 2011 under Guardiola?? Ie Chelsea won it in 2021 but imo m city were a better team than them then and they are a far better team than them now but the fact is Chelsea won it ??

  7. Not for me. They lost 4 games and were outplayed in most games. Impressive in some ways yeah – but their 2013-14 season and 2016-17 were much better, where they outplayed most of their opponents

  8. Not really , it was only a suprise that they would win to english pundits . They where realistically favorites from the start , somehow these pundits put clubs with less cl titles than players on rm team as favorites, thats the only suprise. Nobody ever defended the cl title , they did it 3 in a row… But man city favorite 5 years in a row 🤡🤡🤡

  9. On more than one occasion since Saturday, I have said that the journey to this 14th title for Real Madrid has to be their most memorable. For all those who dislike Real Madrid, I am 100% certain that given the choice, to journey along with your favorite team and face the adversities that existed along the way and still managed to raise that coveted trophy at the end of the race, is a trade that any sport fanatic would take. The UCL journey this year was simply MADRICAL!

  10. Completely unrelated but Real losing to Sheriff Tiraspol & then going onto win the UCL the same season reminded me about Bayern losing to BATE Borisov in 2012-13 season that too 3-1 & then going onto win the UCL the same season

  11. Are we forgetting the 2017-2018 season when Real eliminated champions of Italy, champions of France, champions of Germany and Liverpool in the final? I think that was the most impressive season for me

  12. La Liga > Premier League

    Just Real Madrid has 14 UCL titles, the same amount of titles that the entire EPL teams have. And of course, Barça has 5 of its own.

    No one in latin america or spain believes that the EPL is better than La Liga. Results define the level of quality. Open your eyes and live reality.

  13. Barcelona and madrid won 11 champions cups in the last 22 years ( 4 Barcelona, 7 Real Madrid), with 3 all spanish finals.
    Not bad for spanish league

  14. Their run in 2000 was insane. They had a crisis season domestically and fired Toshack to hire del Bosque. Battered twice by Bayern in the second group stage.

    Then knockout happens, they despatch holders Man Utd at Old Trafford. Followed by revenge over Bayern before beating Valencia in the final.

    That it was the last CL title before the Galactico frenzy made it even more special.

  15. How is the PL the best league in the world? It certainly is the richest, but wouldn't that be extra embarrassing with the lack of silverware they have won over the last 2 decades, when the money poured in?

  16. Hold up, they were fun to watch and obviously had something special about them but PSG were not at their best and Chelsea were way off the mark this season.
    They had two shots against City on target in the last two mins and credit to them scored. Two penalties against city the second dubious.
    A handball decision against Alonso that wouldn't have been given in previous seasons and didn't get near Liverpools goal until the 40th min in the final. Faced the most shots ever in a final.
    They are definitely special but they had luck along the way that all teams needs. Tin hat…. incoming fire 😁

  17. As a La Liga fan, I have started to dislike premier league teams because the fans and pundits have been overrating their teams and players. Even when La Liga was clearly dominant over the prem in the 2010's, pundits and fans kept underrating la liga players and teams simply because "they haven't proven themselves in the prem", which is funny because English teams were being outshone by Spanish, German, and even some Italian and French teams in both UCL and UEL. I am a Madrid fan and if Barca is playing a prem team, I'll route for Barca just to prove the strength of our league and to see all these pundits and fans coming up with excuses as to why their English team lost.

  18. You can make a historic documentary/movie of Reals run! It was absolute magical! Died so many times and came back alive every time. It was unbelievable…also a reason why it is the best run. We all have been shocked by RMs comeback. The fans, rivals, neutrals almost everyone was like how!?!?

    Team of dreams!

  19. Courtois has been instrumental in both La Liga and UCL, without him they wouldn't have won either. He should at the very least be in the conversation for Ballon d'Or

  20. Real Madrid play defensive style under Ancelotti. That's how they did the impossible. If any other teams have met Manchester City or Chelsea? No chance. If any other teams met PSG, no chance. Except for both Chelsea and Manchester City. Not to mention PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City play possession. If Real Madrid were eliminated by Chelsea it would've been complete different story. Maybe the fans would've protest against Ancelotti outside of Bernabeau Stadium in the following day and it would've been all English final again. It would've been Liverpool vs Chelsea and Chelsea would've won the UCL again. As Man City scored 5-3 on aggregate against Real Madrid I was like not that it. It's over. It's going to be an all English final again. But then the unthinkable happened. I'm glad that it didn't happen. An all English final would've been not that interesting like in 2019 and 2021. Because it not all that intense compare to the mix nation final or an all Spanish final.

  21. This is unquestionably the toughest – and I am Madrid fan who totally understands the significance of LA Decima.

    This was tougher!

    This was toughest compared to all of them.

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