Joseph Kony, the one that got away

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Despite 20 years of searching, 5,000 soldiers called by the African Union into service, and nearly $800m dollars spent, the fugitive Joseph Kony remains at large.

Never before has the hunt for a fugitive mobilised resources of this magnitude, and yet, the Ugandan warlord and Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) founder, now aged 61, is still untraceable, likely somewhere within the immense forests of Central Africa.

On more than one occasion, US special forces felt it was close to capturing him, but each time, Kony was able to slip through their hands. There was a better instance of this in 2014 when intelligence suggested that the LRA leader could be flushed out of the dense forests of Haut-Mbomu, a region located in the southeastern region of the Central African Republic and the DRC.

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