Lessons for Sunday School – Spark Your Students’ Creativity With Bible Activities

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It can be difficult finding a fun, interactive way to demonstrate lessons for Sunday school. Your children’s liturgy students want to be able to express themselves while learning about Christianity. Try these two Sunday school crafts as ways to grab your class’ attention.

Shepherd’s Bag Sunday School Craft

For this lesson for Sunday school, you need the following:

*Colored construction paper

*Zip-lock bags



Prior to your children’s liturgy class, cut a big, round bag-like shape out of the construction paper (one for each student). Write “Shepherd Bag” on each cut-out. Cut five round circles out of the construction paper to represent rocks (five circles for each student).

Once you want to begin the Bible activity, have your students write their names at the top of their “bags”. For example, a student named Katie would have “Katie’s Shepherd Bag” on her paper. Now have your class write the following on the rocks to spell out a Bible verse. On rock one, write “The Lord is”. On the second, write “my rock”; on the third, “my Fortress.” On the forth rock, have your kids write “and my Deliverer,” and have them write “Psalms 18:2” on the fifth rock. Have each student place the rocks into a zip-lock bag and help them staple it to the back of their bag cut-out. This is a great way to help your students work on various memory verses.

A Prayer in My Pocket Bible Activity

For this Sunday school craft, you’ll need:

*Colored construction paper

*Cardboard toilet paper tube for each student


*Wrapping paper



*Crayons and markers

Before class begins, cut up the wrapping paper into the right size to cover the toilet paper tubes. Also cut the construction paper in half length-wise and fold the pieces in half to form a booklet. Staple along the paper’s fold.

When you’re ready to being the Sunday school lesson, have your children’s liturgy students write “I pray for my church, my friends, and my family” on their booklet. Next, give each student a tube and a piece of pre-cut wrapping paper. Help them glue the wrapping paper to the tube and then set the tubes aside to dry. Next, instruct your students to draw pictures of their church, friends, and family on each page of their booklet. When your students are done with this Sunday school craft, ask them to roll up their booklet and place it in their tube to take home and share with their family and friends.

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