Liverpool crack the code vs. Tottenham, so what's the secret to beating Spurs? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf join Dan Thomas on Extra Time to answer all your pressing questions from Twitter, including:
(2:07) Was there a team like Spurs in the FC guys’ playing days and how did they approach playing them?
(3:56) Craig, what is going on with Arsenal’s discipline issues? With eight red cards since Mikel Arteta joined as manager, how does that speak of the team as a whole?
(4:58) What do the guys make of playing celebrating against their former clubs? (like Theo Walcott when he scored against Arsenal for Southampton, for instance).
(7:08) Is it hard for managers to manage playmakers like Mesut Ozil, Isco, Paulo Dybala and Christian Eriksen?
(12:34) Do Craig and Frank agree with Zidane that Karim Benzema is the best French striker ever?

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31 thoughts on “Liverpool crack the code vs. Tottenham, so what's the secret to beating Spurs? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Wouldn’t say they cracked the code tbh. A deflected goal and a set piece. Not really showing how to get though them in open play.
    (Nothing against Liverpool! They deserved the win)

  2. The secret is luck, when Spurs misses 1 v 1 chances, you score by accident.
    Only a moron would think that Liverpool had the game under control. Wild shots on target are not chances, they're desperate attempts.
    1 v 1 situation is a chance. The quality of the chances created shows that Liverpool got outplayed.
    You think more possession wins the game? That is quite funny because Wenger is the same.
    Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool.
    It's just pure luck.

  3. The secret is understanding what Mourinho tries to do to you and not let him do it. It’s all about slowing down the game, frustrating the other team, leaving in tackles. Basically just pissing the other team off with a wall of men in front of them and then hit you on the counter attack. That’s his strategy. That’s what he wants you to feel. So you just have to not let him make you feel that way

  4. Liverpool are missing so many players:
    – Van Dijk, Gomez,
    – Thiago
    – Jota
    – Milner
    – Kostas
    – Keita
    – Ox
    Others like Matip are missing every alternate game.
    And yet we are top of the league and easily made it into the last-16 of the CL.

  5. Humans are so ignorant
    People are talking about Tottenham missed chances
    How about Liverpool misses
    If all the miss chances went in the score line would be
    6:3 in Liverpool's favor

  6. Why are pundits trying to Hype Spurs, Liverpool beat them by playing proper football, a decent attacking team will simply outscore them. If Salah, Mane and Firmino had taken more of their chances earlier in the last game, it would have been over after 20minutes!

  7. The secret is down the flanks Spurs pack the middle with two CDMs and have clueless fullbacks in Doherty, Aurier, Davies and Regullion who don’t know who to track, plus if you stop Son and Kane then you will definatly get a result

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