Maimuna’s Memoir: Apology Accepted

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Before I could say anything, Farida rolled her eyes and responded, “Apology accepted.” Luba gave a tiny smile, “Come on, if it were you I’m sure you’d act worse.” She told Farida who ignored her and continued eating. Finally, I told Luba that we were sorry to have been insensitive to the fact that her father worked at the bank, however, this issue on ground was beyond her father and people were angry.

She nodded saying she understood perfectly and would not argue regarding that. Farida’s story about a man who had blocked off a whole ATM machine by laying in front of it with a mat cleared the air as we all laughed. However, it was not a laughing matter.

If this wasn’t resolved soon, things could get really bad. “In fact eh, a friend was telling me her uncle gave her Two thousand in new notes and it felt like he had given her millions of Naira,” I said.

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