MOST improbable transfers: Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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The ESPN FC crew are back for the latest Sunday edition of ESPN FC Extra Time.
0:00 Introductions
1:05 Liverpool serious title contenders? Missing Boiling Point?
2:13 Improbable transfers.
4:20 Best save of Shaka Hislop’s career.
6:00 Favorite U.S. cities for the 2026 World Cup.
7:30 Start, drop or bench: Robin van Persie, Ruud van Nistelrooy or Dennis Bergkamp?
10:20 Serie A like Serie B?
12:00 A rather odd Jadon Sancho question.
13:30 Most cringeworthy interviews.
16:30 Ever been invited on stage by an artist?
18:40 Thoughts on the Pogmentary?
19:30 Co-hosting the next Ballon d’Or.
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45 thoughts on “MOST improbable transfers: Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. their's not a week that goes by that these CLOWNS don't find a way to put down Ronaldo. Maybe Ronaldo should've wait until Juventus shipped him out. lol

  2. Haaland is at city because of man u coz last summer city ready for cr7 but man u thought it'll ruin their legacy so they offer more and cr7 choose money . If cr7 choosen city den preety sure city will be in Mess or cr7 sitting on bench . And haaland not come when he sees cr7 already at city but thanks to man u

  3. The first 2 minutes of Gab…starts with being disgusted that Dan acknowledged the social faux pas and then having a big post pasta yawn

  4. I dont know Bergkamp personally, but Van Nistelrooy is okay, not the nicest guy, and Van Persie is generally not nice. Then again they are all saints compared to Wesley Sneijder

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