Napoli-Cremonese 3-0 | Osimhen and Kvaradona both score: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

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It’s the usual suspects who secure the goods for Spallettis’ men: Kvaratskhelia opened the scoring before Osimhen added to his tally, with Elmas rounding off the scoresheet | Serie A 2022/23

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48 thoughts on “Napoli-Cremonese 3-0 | Osimhen and Kvaradona both score: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

  1. At 🌉 night before this match, the Wonder Boys from the NAPOLI Team congratulated KVARA with his 🎂🎈🎂 birthday. He became 22 years old. All fans all over the 🌎 World say : Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎉 Dear 🎉🎊🎂 KVARA!!!🎁🎀🥂🍷🍿🍨🍧🍭🍭🧁🌟✨☀️🏆👍

  2. So Napoli now has 15 points of advantage, it means we can lose 4 and even 1 matches of the next 16. I don't see how we can manage not to win the league this year, that's why I think either WWIII or Vesuvius will explode before May 😆

  3. Spalleti after those glorious years with roma went for a break and came back out raging with full blast with this Napoli side. It's something else. That lead at the top of serie A is crazy.

  4. I was in Napoli and went to see them play Udinese and win 3-2, and although it was a great day, part of me is still disappointed that I didn't get to see Kvaratskhelia play because he was injured

  5. désolé mais le masque d'Osimhen c'est très dérangeant… surtout pour un attaquant…c'est certes un très bon joueur mais ya un problème réel…
    Je suis entraîneur, je fais mettre le même type de masque à mon gardien…..surtout s'il est en perte de confiance, vu que c'est possible d'en porter un sans raison médicale…..

  6. I'm kind of undecisive about Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen's possible transfers. Haven't heard rumors about Kvara yet but Real would lik to sign Osimhen. As a Real fan I'd of course welcome the transfer but part of me also wants him to stay at Napoli and win more trophies with them, maybe even the CL? I just want to see some change, some fresh air in the football landscape. And Napoli is currently providing it. I've followed them closely since 2012 and always wanted them to win big trophies since then. Ever since I first saw the deadly duo of Hamsik and Cavani. And this year it seems like it will finally happen. Really happy for them. Time for Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen to finish what Hamsik and Cavani started.

  7. I am a Milan fan and I wish the Champions League final will be Milan against Napoli. They can win the league while we win the CL. I know this is extremely unlikely but one can dream.

  8. Il quotidiano italiano "Sport del Sud" riferisce che i tifosi della Stella Rossa erano tutti vestiti di nero e hanno attaccato un gruppo di tifosi della Roma che era molto più numeroso (si parla di circa 30-40 Deli e 50-60 romanisti). I tifosi del club italiano sono rimasti sorpresi da questo scontro perché non sapevano nemmeno che Delia fosse in città, visto che in precedenza avevano tifato per i cestisti che hanno giocato la partita di Eurolega con l'Armani a Milano.

    A causa di questa "azione", i tifosi del Napoli hanno preso la parola e hanno chiamato i tifosi della Roma con uno striscione: "Quando muore il papa, ne viene installato un altro, e cosa succede quando muore un prete?". (il prete è il simbolo della tifoseria Fedajn, ndr.) 2 tifosi della Roma sono stati tagliati, secondo testimoni oculari, Delijas è entrato nel cuore del gruppo e ha attaccato i gruppi, dove i rom spaventati hanno iniziato a scappare, e alcuni sono stati successivamente trasportati dai servizi di emergenza, tutto è stato velocissimo.

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