Natalie Hutchins reappointed as Victorian Minster for Education

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Natalie Hutchins was re-appointed as Victorian Minister for Education on Tuesday 6 December. ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green said she looked forward to working closely with Ms Hutchins in the interests of all Victorian school students, including the more than 158,000 enrolled in 235 diverse Independent schools across the state.

‘I’m confident we can build on the productive relationship we’ve already developed with Ms Hutchins since her first appointment to the education portfolio earlier this year,’ Ms Green said.

‘All schools face significant challenges, including teacher shortages, issues of staff and student wellbeing, the need for funding certainty, and dealing with the long-term impact of COVID-19,’ she said.

‘Complicating these challenges is economic uncertainty and rising costs, which affect the entire community but have a particular impact on the growing number of parents who pay fees from their after-tax income to educate their children in Independent schools, the fastest growing school sector.’

Ms Green also congratulated Ms Ingrid Stitt on her reappointment as Minister for Early Childhood and Pre-Prep, an area which is an increasing focus of the work of ISV.

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ISV congratulates Natalie Hutchins on her re-appointment as Education Minister

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