NATO jets intercept Russian planes near Poland | World News | TVP World

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In this edition of World News the main stories involved NATO jets intercept Russian military planes near Polish airspace, a new report saying that Moscow has been abducting Ukrainian children into Russia, and love taking place on the Ukrainian frontlines. To talk about the upcoming grand opening of the Copernicus Academy, TVP World invited Professor Krzysztof Górski.


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39 thoughts on “NATO jets intercept Russian planes near Poland | World News | TVP World

  1. Yes and you Zelensky are right at the top of the list of criminals so you should definitely then not be allowed to attend any Olympic commitee meeting or games. You are the biggest murderer of your own people and you still killing them . Puppet!!

  2. For all the counties and people who wish to live free with love for one another. Our lives will be without hunger we pray and everyday filled with happiness. Let us pray for those who would choose to do so but are under a dictator who choose to make their people suffer and that they can find the will to make changes in their country to be free with us in the world.

  3. What the Hell Here we go again the Media says to the entire world. Nato has used all their Ammo for Handguns Rifle ammo, Does anyone with a Brain 🧠 <— that's a Brain case ya forgot?
    Why the hell would Nato tell every living person who watches TV or YouTube who watched this knows the UN Nato has Run out of Small arms Bullets 😳
    If I was Russian or Chinese worse North Korea listens to that they could believe they truly are out or close to being out of Ammo.

    Just go spill the BS and give them the opportunity to attack Nato and UN countries

    Absulootly Brain damaged serious idiots !!!!!

  4. At the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine I was given 7 days "prison" when I wrote on Face Book that culturally Russia isn't European – it's still a Medieval country whose peoples have been brutalized by centuries of bad governance. They've not evolved into a civilized nation – this latest abduction of children is a case in point.

  5. We understand that America would want to steal them because American women are infertile. It's not our fault. We understand that you have been adopting kids from Ukraine for many years. You need to stop taking birth control from 14 and you won't have problems conceiving.

  6. This is one of the worst war crime ever, agains every International human rights law. The damage inflected upon these children will take years to overcome if ever. Just when you think Russia can’t get worse your proved wrong. My heart goes out to the children that don’t have any family’s left due to this war. They all need to be returned to Ukraine and adopted in their motherland.

  7. "Sometimes when people go to "Ukraine" they go home to their mommas without any legs. Sometimes they don't go home at all. That's a bad thing. That's all I have to say about that." Tom Hanks (Forest Gump)

  8. That's why we Had earthquake because our is Shaken because of War bomb ammunition every day The world earth is Shaken because o War bombmming between Russia and Ukraine War the solution is to stop this war warning the People to stop .the War Now have Peace AND love each other Nation this is Crazy why we end War Who Begin the war is the Russian must Be comdenmm doing this war Only One evil person or this who Begin The war Is Putin made the worst to Our world Mus be elliminate Now to Vanquish Putin thr Sinner is putin inn Russia must be Punish putin to to his Dead right now to End The demons work of Putin now No Mercy to putin He'll Halleluiah

  9. This is why some people began to loose their faith in God, when evil like this can happen without a thunder strike from above… But i am a living testimony of God concept God never fail and we will never fully understand the way God work… keep your faith even higher because there's is God.

  10. This is horrible to take children from their parents, there has to be a way to rescue these children and the Red Cross has to be involved and the UN and EU, this is an International Crime!

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