NATO’s air-policing mission on the Russian border | Focus on Europe

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NATO fighter jets patrol the airspace over Estonia’s border, encountering Russian aircraft almost daily.


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30 thoughts on “NATO’s air-policing mission on the Russian border | Focus on Europe

  1. Nato are just a bunch of hypocrites who dont want other countries to be more advanced than them. They use other countries as a tool to destroy countries that they consider as competitors.

  2. NATO proving itself as an anti-russia aliance. russia is well within it's rights to defends it's borders and stop its neighbours from hosting said aliance. more power to them

  3. "Fascists are fascists"

    Ah, yes, the far left. Everyone's a fascist – just not you or the political party or movement you support. I bet that old man thinks that what Russia is doing is legitimate and that Russia is totally not fascists.

  4. The Military industry loves all this, more wars, more deaths and someone is making money and getting richer. We take nothing with us to the grave but only our good deeds.

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