Nigeria 2023: ‘Tinubu is committed to removing subsidies but offers a cushion for the hardest hit’

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When sceptics ask how Bola Tinubu, the ruling party’s presidential candidate, will rescue Nigeria’s ailing economy, the name that comes up most frequently is Wale Edun, chairman of Chapel Hill Denham, one of the top investment and securities trading houses in Lagos.

Should Tinubu cross the finish line ahead of his rivals in this month’s elections, Edun is tipped to become Nigeria’s finance minister.

He speaks to The Africa Report about how a Tinubu-run administration would manage an economy on the cliff edge of financial free-fall, with a ballooning public debt of some $170bn as state revenues are depleted by illicit financial flows costing tens of billions of dollars a year, and criminal cartels stealing some 400,000 barrels a day of oil.

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