Over 9000 students, 76 schools benefit from Lagos govt

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Subair Mohammed

Lagos State Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Mr Olusegun Dawodu, has disclosed that over 9000 students from 76 schools have so far benefitted from various Lagos State Government school’s social work services and advocacy programs.

The Commissioner disclosed this while reeling out the achievements of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in the last three years in office.

According to Dawodu, Sanwo-Olu has successfully transformed Lagos state into a smart, sustainable, and resilient city that is capable of meeting the needs of its rapidly growing population.

He stated that the governor has made significant impacts in all spheres of the state’s economy including transportation, health, education, infrastructure and youth development to deserve another term of office.

Speaking on some of the achievements of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development, the commissioner said the Ministry held a 5-day training on community dialogue to address violence against women and girls by engaging in community dialogue to transform perceptions, behaviour, attitude and harmful practices of individuals and communities.

He said, “Over 9,000 students from 76 schools have benefitted from various advocacy programs and sensitization organized by the ministry as part of their school social work service.

Also, 92 families have benefitted from the school social work through its home visitation and training exercise to address the plight of school children to be morally guided and controlled.

The Ministry in conjunction with the Lagos State Police Command, Neighbourhood Safety Corps, Lagos State Task Force and Volunteers from the Sustainable Development Goal and Investment Office has also embarked on the rescue of beggars, destitute, and miscreants off the streets of Lagos. The ongoing rescue operation has resulted in the rescue of over 150 persons from different parts of Lagos.

Another achievement for us is being commended by the governor for the standardization of the state adoption process. Lastly, is the renovation of youth centres and old peoples’ homes across the state including Abesan Youth Centers, Omituntun Youth Centres, Ikorodu Youth Centers, Lafiaji Youth Centres, Ikeja Youth Centers, Yaba Old People Home.”

In the transport sector, the Commissioner said, “Lagos is notorious for its traffic congestion, which can sometimes bring the city to a standstill. However, under the governor’s leadership, several initiatives including the Lagos Bus Service (LBS) have been put in place to ease traffic flow and make transportation more efficient.”

He also noted that the governor has done a lot in terms of health care saying they are starting a massive children’s hospital on Lagos Island.

“A lot of maternal care centres have been built. We have re-planned our fire station and service stations. We have provided fire engines for our staff there, held training facilities for them, and enhanced monuments and allowances for them.

“You see our waterways now; a lot of ferries are going in and out. The Lagos State Water Ways Authority is there and everything is going smoothly to the extent that when our Super Eagles came to Lagos and they wanted to go to Benin Republic for a match, they went by the waterways,” he said.

Speaking on what the governor has done for youths in the state, the commissioner said Governor Sanwo-Olu changed the mindset of the youth while also equipping them with leadership roles.

He said, “After the training, the governor sponsored 15 youths to Spain for another leadership programme. They are now impacting others and getting appointments based on what they have learnt.

Aside from this we also organize business and communication skills training for them so that they can set up their businesses with ease, write proposals and leadership qualities.

Speaking on the Annual Youth Timeout with the Governor, Mr Dawodu said it is a very important activity because it is part of the continuous engagement with the youth by the government.

He said the interactive session is an opportunity to hear from the youth, discuss with them, feel their pulse and answer any questions they have for the state government as well as clarify issues.

“Mr Governor is comfortable with the youths, he believes in them and he is always ready to meet with them and let the, know the plans we have for them and what we are doing for them,” he said.

While assuring residents in Lagos State that the governor doesn’t discriminate, Mr Dawodu said that Lagos State is very accommodating to both indigenes and visitors and even destitute from other states.

“Yes, we put them in our facilities. We feed them and even educate some of the children in our schools. Medical services are provided to them free of charge even though it is a lot of burden on us.

“Everybody keeps saying that Lagos has money but the revenue we generate has to be looked at vis-à-vis the responsibility of the state government. People keep coming into the state and we keep accommodating them and we take care of the vulnerable and needy in the society,” he said.



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