Photos this week: December 22-29, 2022

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A major winter storm blasted much of the central and eastern United States this past week, bringing record-breaking temperature drops and harsh snowy conditions that resulted in flight cancellations, highway closures and several state emergency declarations.

The death toll in Erie County, New York, which includes the city of Buffalo, had climbed to at least 39 on Thursday, while at least 25 others died across 11 US states. Rising temperatures in Buffalo might uncover more storm victims, police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said, with officers due to search places where bodies were reported but not found.

The storm buried Buffalo in nearly 52 inches of snow, trapping residents at home — and many were without heat after the blizzard took out power lines. A six-day driving ban lifted early Thursday as City Hall, grocery stores and other key services reopened.

Here are some of the stories that made headlines over the past week, as well as some photos that caught our eye.

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