PL clubs want Man City RELEGATED if guilty of alleged financial breaches!

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Many Premier League clubs want Manchester City to be kicked out of the division if they are found guilty of breaking rules over nine seasons.

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50 thoughts on “PL clubs want Man City RELEGATED if guilty of alleged financial breaches!

  1. Yes if they are found guilty with 115 Premier League FFP charges & the only punishment can be expulsion & stripping Man City of all their of Premier League tittles as well

    This means Man Utd would get 3 & Liverpool would get 3.

    That will give Sir Alex Ferguson 14 Premier Leagues & Jose Mourinho 1 Premier League at Man Utd & Ole Ginner Solskjaar 1 Premier League & Klopp would get all 3 for Liverpool.

    This means Man Utd will have 23 League titles & Liverpool to 22 League titles.

    Then the next question would be how many players of Man City & who has relegation release clauses & would be on a free transfer in the summer then like Kevin De Bruyne Erling Haaland Phil Foden Jack Grealish Bernardo Silva & Ilkayy Gundogain etc etc.

    So team like Real Madrid Barcelona Bayern Munichen Dortmund Man Utd Arsenal Newcastle & Spurs with Champions League would benefit from expulsion.

    Man Utd would be temping for them that don’t want to uproot their family’s & stay in their current homes & their kids can continue at their schools & their life’s won’t change just the club they play for.

    So the free market will be more busy than the transfer market will if City get expelled.

    It will have a huge affect but if found guilty of all 115 charges it’s the only punishment.

  2. If we do get relegated, we'll be back in no time. We'll build a strong team again & start putting 5, 6 & 7 goals through you all. We have seen many dark years, those like myself following City for at least 5 decades know all about it, unlike many of the glory hunters that follow other teams when they win, hibernate when they lose, We've experienced 2nd division & 3rd divisions, so nothing can dent our loyalty for City!
    The sad reality is, English football has changed. How the league treat some & how they treat others! the rules are not the same for everyone, look at the referees of today & compare them to ones before, the ones that had no VAR!!!!
    So bring it on envious creatures.

  3. Innocent until proven guilty however if guilty penalty should be sever with nothing off the table. Would agree on leaving history as is however let’s say guilty on all charges then for me demotion to league 2 , 3 year transfer ban and £3 million fine per offence taking it to over £300 million.

  4. This FFP was designed solely so that top clubs stay on top unchallenged and the average/small clubs stay in the bottom!
    There’s noway a small club revenues are enough to make the investment to reach the top! Chelsea did it for awhile but once City showed up they changed the rules!

  5. So let me stress The other PL club's don't want to get involved!! But YOU assume that the other club's want City relegated.Perhaps you right.I am just amused at the description to this video.Typical media,you word it as a certain yet don't know if it is a certain.Smooth word play

  6. If Man City are guilty and placed in league 2 they will just buy there way up each league they should be put into league 2 with a 21 points deduction and given a very hefty fine all the big clubs think they are above everyone paying players £250.000 a week is obscene .

  7. "Other people have it in for them."

    The club who bought their way to the top of the Premier League, bought multiple trophies, have ritually purchased star players from other clubs just to fill the bench and arguably remove them from going to rivals where they'd receive reasonable game time? The most vile-mannered, self-entitled, petulant fanbase who can't even be bothered to show up to home games (Emptyhad is still very relevant)? When you still hear mockeries of United's Munich disaster echoing around the terraces during games?

    Can't imagine why anyone would have it out for poor little Manchester City, woe is them.

  8. Only removal from the football league will send the right message in this instance! English football will not tolerate investment that manipulates the rules of FFP! I'd guarantee you won't see it happen again, should this be the punishment! Why should clubs go out of business & liquidate, for putting everything through the books, when teams with gigantic investment are cheating the books!?

  9. All you people looking at this better remember one thing your team could be next.
    If theses allegations are proved,City are not the only team guilty of this.

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