Pornography Addiction – You Are a Target Not a Customer

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If it were not such a sad statement about our society, the pornography industry would make a fascinating study of stunningly effective marketing techniques. One might believe that the industry is just feeding a “want”, “need” or “desire” of society, but the truth is they are creating the need so that they can then fill it. They know their craft and have devised laser-focus techniques to lure, capture and retain the attention of their desired audience.

Their Target is the Male Brain

This industry understands that the brains of males and females are different – males respond differently to visual stimuli, they focus differently; they have different needs/wants, etc. So, pornographers market to men and teenaged boys based on this understanding of the response of the male brain.

1. Males are Visual

Men’s key perceptual sense is vision. They respond with far more vigor and speed to visual stimuli than females. 

Knowing this, the Internet is crammed with every visual stimulus that exists – photographs, videos, live camera, cartoons, virtual reality, etc. These are designed to visually lure in males who “want to look”.  Then, once inside the site is splattered with visual overload – an unending stream of thousands of explicit photos, hundreds of hours of explicit videos and 24-hour live cameras as fast and constantly changing as the male viewer desires, all instantly available at the click of the mouse.

2. Focus on the Physical Act

For males, sexual interaction is often not connected in their mind with romance, foreplay, or relationships. This coupled with their heightened visual acuity, means that males are attracted to anonymous, nude female images and casual, impersonal sex is seen as acceptable and even desirable (it offers satisfaction without responsibility).  This results in a quick arousal and an ability to block out all thoughts and attached emotions of wife, romance, tenderness, and love.

Most internet porn also shows the “man in control”, with the female “servicing” the male and subservient to whatever he desires. She is also nearly always shown as completely lusting after him while enjoying every moment. This “male-in-control/female wanting-and-enjoying-it” combination, in effect creates a female that is responding sexually the way a male would, which provides “perfect sex partner” fantasy and allows continual focus only on the “act” without the “interruption” of feelings.

3. Hormones Drive Their Desire

It is not commonly known, but viewing pornography causes our bodies to produce and release various chemical drugs. Some of these chemicals produced are epinephrine, adrenaline, adrenocorticotropic hormone, noradrenaline, norepinephrine and testosterone.   These chemicals cause an artificial high in the body. And as with other addictive drugs, once produced, the body seeks to find ways to produce them again.

Pornography producers understand this and know that the more cellular memories (biological and physiological processes) that they can link their porn to throughout the male brain and body, the greater chance they have of addicting their viewers. And the more naturally occurring drugs or hormones flowing in the male mind and body during viewing, the more narrow will be his focus, the more intense his sexual/mind and body arousal, the more deeply the images will be imprinted in his memory, thus the greater his addiction.

4. Focus on Physical Parts

The male brain has a predisposition to narrowly focus on parts rather than the whole. It seeks to objectify and compartmentalize everything.

Internet porn geared to the male audience is a continuous wave of one specific male body part doing everything imaginable to every conceivable female body part, from head to toe. Much of this material involves extreme close-ups of one particular body part at a time. This is always completely devoid of any emotion, romance or tenderness. Rather, it is designed to be sexually intense but without commitment/emotion – another perfect visual male stimulus.

5. Need for Variety 

Though the male brain is able to focus narrowly for a long time on specific body parts and the physical sex act, they will quickly become bored. Therefore, a variety of images is required. The pornographer must lure them into the site, keep them there, then bring them back for more the next time.

However, because the mind and body is always seeking stimulation, once a certain level of peak experience has been reached, the mind and body will naturally seek to then achieve a higher peak experience. Pornographers know that if they show the same images again and again, the male viewer will become bored and go elsewhere. Thus, they supply an ever-changing array of images, people, objects and scenarios providing links to associated websites containing increasingly depraved material.

As the male viewer’s addiction appetite continues to heighten, the Internet pornographers are there with instant gratification, like drug lords waiting with the next “harder kicking” strain of crack cocaine.  

6. Reaching a Goal

Internet pornographers want to make certain that virtually every male viewer ends his pornography session with masturbation and orgasm. Why? Because orgasm is one of the most (many say the most) powerful peak experience the mind and body can experience and any activity that gets linked in the mind and body to orgasm, will be adopted and become a habit of the most powerful and permanent kind. 

Orgasm releases chemicals into the mind and body that permanently imprint whatever process was used to arrive at that end. So in order to addict the male viewer to Internet port at hits highest level, the provider must be sure that their male viewers complete this process to assure addiction and the powerful imprinting of the images in the cells of the male mind and body.

Just One More

Pornography is always demanding more. Just one more peek, one more picture, one more video, one more…..

But is there really such a thing as only one more?

No, and the industry knows this, so not only will they provide you with an endless source for the “one more”, but they will do it in a way that ensures you can never satisfy that need and you will always come back.  

Are you tired of wanting “just one more”?  Do you need to find the way out – find freedom from a pornography addiction?

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