Should Pep Guardiola be concerned over Manchester City’s defense? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Kay Murray, Steve Nicol, Ale Moreno and Frank Leboeuf answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Could Klopp be done at Liverpool after this season?
1:35 Should Xavi be starting Busquets in UCL games?
3:06 Should Pep be concerned about Man City’s defense?
5:06 The mood in France after Pogba cursing Mbappe
6:42 Have you ever been misinterpreted?
12:30 If possible, what team would the FC crew buy and run together?
16:18 Who wins a dance off: Stevie or Vini Jr?

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38 thoughts on “Should Pep Guardiola be concerned over Manchester City’s defense? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Stevie, last season near misses like Spurs getting to CLfinal not like Liverpool on up doing it. Salah is the new Auba (ok he will not be that bad but the trend…
    It's not daft to consider this is down slope. I was convinced they would bounce back last time but not so this time.

  2. Defence of what? The title? Or his actually defence? Either way . . . . . . Absolutely no, city are gonna obliterate the league this year and if they happen to concede goals they’ll simply outscore their opponents

  3. What an irony?

    Espn pundits talking about "the media" misinterpreting them or taking a sentence out of an interview to create a headline.

    Wow! Just few day ago these same people took one sentence out of a 23 minute interview from Todd Boehly to create their own "buzz headline".

    They never discussed the good things Boehly said in that interview

    What an irony?

  4. Stevie's got to be the best story teller on Extra time , followed by Shaka/Don… Ale's ones are too predictable because by the time he gets to the crux of the story (after taking ages to get there) we already know what is going to happen

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