Should the Premier League scrap VAR next season? | Extra Time

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Craig Burley, Steve Nicol, Stewart Robson and Dan Thomas of ESPN FC answer fan questions in Extra Time, including: if VAR should be scrapped next season following the notable controversies in Sheffield United vs. Tottenham and Liverpool vs. Manchester City or should the Premier League suspend VAR for the rest of the season, (3:26) where this Liverpool team ranks among the best historically, (4:19) and if Pep Guardiola is reaching the end of his cycle at Manchester City.

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30 thoughts on “Should the Premier League scrap VAR next season? | Extra Time

  1. They should keep it. It's not the technology, it's the idiots behind the screens and the lack of transparency for fans in the stadium. It's been used more effectively in other countries.

  2. What's the use of technology if it's going to be operate by the same guys whose constant mistakes through the years are the very reason VAR was introduced to football. If the referees were good we wouldn't need a way to review moves to begin with. You either train new persons to be in charge of said resource or you start to actually ban the ones who continually commite mistakes.

  3. Concerning VAR.
    considering Football is concerned about how long it would take for the referee to check pitch side monitors himself,
    my thought is, why not make football a 80 minute game.
    Then add on the minutes spent reviewing video replay at end of each half, which would give the game back its missing minutes?

  4. Teams should be given the responsibility to request VAR reviews similar to how it's done in tennis with limited number of "review chances" per game.

    The VAR team in England have shown time and again that they cannot be trusted to be consistent in what they review and what they don't review. So just let the teams decide when they want to challenge the referee's decisions.

  5. Var the refs will stop a game for 5 minutes to see if a players armpit or big toe is offside but they won't stop for clear cut penalties Var has made soccer less enjoyable when a team scored now you are always wondering

  6. Whats annoying is the people who tries to blame VAR, its this its that, the wrong decisions it makes. Its not VAR its the terrible usage of VAR in the premier league. The reason for VAR is to let referees take another look, yet premier league has not allowed that to happen on the field. In that incident and most others if the referee go over and look at the monitor at most 30 seconds to 1 minute the decision will be made. Not stand there and listen to what happened thats not the point of VAR.

  7. VAR – BAH!!!!!
    In its infancy but the process is clearly flawed. Some of the issues are as a result of rule changes. For example, you were considered to be onside if you were level with the last defender. Now you are offside if your toe nail encroaches. Handball should be hand to elbow, not a ball bouncing off the top of your arm/shoulder. In the recent Sheff Utd v Arsenal game there was a clear shirt pull in the box that was checked by VAR but no penalty given. Disgraceful outcome.
    Consistency and accuracy is the key and hopefully this will get better. The time taken in reviewing incidents really does have to improve as its killing the game at the moment.

  8. Absolutely not. That would be a bad decision. VAR improves match results IF it's interpreted/used correctly by refs and their teams. Before VAR, for years, I had seen SO MANY offside goals given, onside goals disallowed, dirty fouls that refs and linesmen didn't see, players diving and getting others sent off (red card) and other errors that would've been corrected by correct referee use of VAR. The ref errors are the big problem. Overall, VAR is good for football.

  9. – World Cup 1986 quarter-final, Argentina vs. England:
    Maradona intentionally scores a with with his hand. "Goal" isn't disallowed. Final result: 2-1 to Argentina. Argentina "wins" the world cup.

    – World Cup 1990, group stage, Argentina vs. USSR:
    Maradona, with his arm, intentionally stops a USSR corner from going in goal. No penalty to USSR for that. No card for Maradona. Argentina reaches the final. Loses 0-1 to West Germany.

    – World Cup 2010, England vs. Germany, round of 16: England are 2-1 down then Lampard scores a goal (in the 38th minute) that clearly crosses the line. No goal given. Score would've been 2-2. Score ends 4-1 to Germany.

    And many, many more….
    Removing VAR would be crazy.

  10. I'm amazed that you are still going on as if the penalty would have been given. Silva handled the ball in the build up and if it had of gone to VAR it would have been a free kick to Liverpool. As those are the rules.

  11. why does everyone other than Liverpool fans conveniently forget about the Bernardo Silva handball? by the rules of the Fa it would have voided the TAA handball and been a 'No Pen Decision'. The clear bias at Liverpool-hating fans is incredible.

    VAR still failed as to my recollection they didn't disallow the pen decision because of the initial handball BUT by the laws of the game they should've… so they got the result right even though they were tunnel-visioned on the 2nd handball and the decision being 'not clear and obvious'

  12. We've had the armpit and the big toe called offside. If it's that close it must be called 'players level' and not offside.
    Common sense must prevail. The game mustn't be ruined by these idiotic decisions.

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