Soccer Saturday | Would Newcastle fans be happier with a trophy or a top four finish?

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After reaching the Carabao Cup final, the Soccer Saturday panel discussed Anthony Gordon’s signing, Newcastle United’s form and whether the clubs supporters would prefer to win the tournament or play Champions League football next season.

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36 thoughts on “Soccer Saturday | Would Newcastle fans be happier with a trophy or a top four finish?

  1. What's with this modern day crap that it has to be either/or. Try to win them both but be happy with one. If I were a player I want the medal-a symbol to say that I won something-as opposed to being an also ran and qualifying for the laughingly titled 'Champions league', which to all intents and purposes is the biggest Mickey Mouse tournament out there.

  2. Break their Trophy drought then go for Champions League if they had to choose would be my answer. If you go to Football games, you'll understand this

  3. The League Vup is absolute garbage. Waste of time and effort. They complain about to many games and howAll star games would completely break the calendar. Meanwhile they meet to play a second Elite FA cup where they can make sure English teams can stack up trophies faster then the rest of Europe. Absolute useless, stop it.

  4. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days.

  5. We want a cup, and for years we've played with a weaker team in the league cup.
    I'm happy Eddie took this cup serious it means a lot to us Geordie folk, and what a day it'll be, when it gets paraded around the toon
    HWTL bring it home.

  6. Why is everyone down about Gordon? He's a good young player, is he world class? no of course not. But he's a decent player to come on. If Jack Grealish is worth £100m who comes on, runs around and falls over then there is nothing wrong in paying £45m (Probably in installments anyway) for Gordon. If it doesn't work out they would most likely be able to recoup half of that anyway. Gordon is on that line right now. He could go the Dele Alli way or the Gareth Bale way. £45m is worth the gamble.

  7. Honestly what kind of a stupid question is this? Carabao Cup is a trophy and why would you want no trophy over that? 🤷🏻‍♂️. As an Arsenal supporter I’d rather Carabao Cup than a top 4 finish any season! If you don’t win a trophy then you’re whole season is a failure! Trophies is the priority not certain league positions or certain stages of completions! No matter what circumstances you throw at me I will always want Arsenal to prioritise Silverware over Stability!

  8. It's all about winning cups.. Newcastle have loads of money champions league can wait. If they miss out this year its club that's going in the rite way. Love to c them winning a cup for there unbelievable fans real fans born and bred. And that's from Liverpool fan

  9. Top 4 any day of the weekend. Been a Newcastle fan for 35 years. I accept that a lot of fans prefer the trophy, I would if it were one of the biggest ones. But for the long eat potential of the club, CL football is far more important, there's a rare opportunity with so many top clubs struggling this season and will help us win numerous trophies for years to him.

    Yes, I'm aware.a lot of fans also want a trophy but pundits need to STOP stereotyping the entire fan base as trophy obsessed.

  10. I went to Inter Milan and Barcelona Away when Sir Bobby Robson was the Newcastle United Manager and It was Tres-Bon as the French say Boys and Germs…

    …I will have to find my Passport for next Season Kidz…

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