South Africa kasi flava skills video (Orlando Pirates Reserves)

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This is becoming an annual occurrence. Every so often, a bit of “kasi flava” in South Africa goes viral and people go off with the power of a thousand Roy Keanes — “IT’S A DISGRACE!” “IT’S NOT PROPER FOOTBALL!” “I’D BREAK THEIR LEGS!”

The Orlando Pirates Reserves beat Sekhukhune United Reserves 3-0 in Johannesburg, and the players entertained the home crowd with some showboating that’s frequently seen on the kasi fields of Soweto (where many of the Orlando Pirates players are originally from).  

Here’s the tweet that went viral. 

Somehow that video didn’t include the best part — No. 5 got on his knees and said a prayer at one point. Here’s that: 

A lot of people are saying this isn’t it. I only agree in that they didn’t take it far enough.

South Africa’s the only place where this is going on and it’s always fun to watch. There are thousands of other leagues around the world that are all pretty much uniform in their approach if that’s what you’re looking for. 

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