Spurs beaten by Leicester | HIGHLIGHTS | Leicester City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur

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Watch highlights from Spurs’ 4-1 defeat to Leicester City in the Premier league

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31 thoughts on “Spurs beaten by Leicester | HIGHLIGHTS | Leicester City 4-1 Tottenham Hotspur

  1. This spurs new goal keeper will be going spurs to cost and miss European challenge like Europa league and conference league.
    NB:I never mentioned missing UEFA champions league that's surely spurs will gonna miss.

  2. Its not Perisic fault that the whole defence and mid are unable to defend… I mean the lester players are just walking trought mid and difence its clear. And where is pedro poro all game…

  3. 야이쓉새리들아 진짜뒤질랭? 아니 못하려면 아예 그냥 계속 쳐 못하던지 왜 자꾸 한번씩 잘해가지고 사람을 실망을 지속적으로 시키는거냐? 왜그러는거야? 일부러 그러는거야? 챔스 갈까말까 긴장줄려고?

  4. 제발 전술좀 바꿔요 맞지도않는위치 좀 꾸역꾸역 붙히지마요 그리고 손흥민을 왜자꾸 수비로쓰냐구요 솔직히토트넘 경기암걸려요 손흥민때문에 경기보는거지 누가토트넘 경기보겠어요

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