Switzerland vs. Spain reaction: Spain are not an attacking threat – Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Julien Laurens and Frank Leboeuf share their thoughts on Switzerland and Spain’s 1-1 draw in UEFA Nations League. Moreno points out Spain’s lack of attacking power, saying Luis Enrique’s side are not a threat offensively. Leboeuf feels bad for Sergio Ramos after missing two penalties, saying the Spanish captain will have a bad night thinking about the game. Laurens doesn’t understand why Luis Enrique didn’t start Alvaro Morata who made an immediate impact for Spain after being subbed on in the second half.

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41 thoughts on “Switzerland vs. Spain reaction: Spain are not an attacking threat – Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC

  1. Spain needs a new David Villa. But then again`a player of the quality of David Villa only comes around a few times in a century.

    In the European Championship an attacking force of Fati, Morata and Ferran Torres could work. Another option would be Ferran Torres as a false 9 like at City at times.

  2. Eversince the retirement of david villa, and fernando torres, the La Roja have lacked a figurehead center-forward that can consistently put away opportunities created by their mesmerizing midfield and also nick a goal from set pieces. Cut to a nation like argentina, whose wealth of opportunities up-front, can put any country to shame.

    Unless, spain get a good consistent out and out center forward, it looks like they may struggle in tight games (in knockout tournaments) or in games when their midfielders are having a rare off-day.

  3. They actually lack a Mid Fielder who can makes runs to attract defenders & then pass it to wingers or a Striker. Spain's current Generation is not bad but they're either all new or top old .

  4. Busquet the grandpa in the middle no team gonna win anything no major trophies whether barca or spain or any team.. he leaves a big flat blackhole in the middle slow the whole games tempo to such extent that opponents only have to sit and watch with no threats very predictable with slow multiple side and back passes and hanging on to the ball too long until opponents gets fed up and start pressing.. he basically do all those stuff in order to suit his physical abilities(physically degraded) since he cannot cope with high tempo,swift, unpredictable plays ,counter attacks, pressing, sudden moves,etc modern footballs increasingly demanding.. he is a player who even in front of the goal even hold hold the ball and side/back passes never take the shot imagine if he is given a penalty😂 still find some one to pass

  5. ramos kicked one to the moon in a shootout against bayern,but was not phased and has stepped up to score 25 penalty kicks in a row,for both club and country….he will bounce back.
    Spain problems will always be luis enrique,he seems to be holding the team progression back,robert moreno was doing much better with this core of players.

  6. Then if thats the case, just called up all the former barca legends xavi, iniesta, puyol, ronaldihno even former Fcb player and current coach ronald koman will also play🤣😁.. they are legends because they gave everything for the club more than what they are getting in return at their peak and at the the right time understanding they can no longer give their best for the club even with the offers, possibilities contracts extensions they selflessly moved on(retired/agreeing to a transferred) unlike Lord busi hanging on while sucking endless resources (doesn’t matter he sits on the bench or else since he is not a volunteer he never miss to get his big paychecks) till it goes into bankruptcy on the other hand those legends put the club before them by timely passing their batons giving enough time,space,opportunity to thrive with the incoming bests before even asking them in order to not being a burden for their beloved club but selfish busi did the opposite last summer after 8-2 lost to Bayern busi was asked to move on he not only refused (as you know true legends ike messi, pique,.. wanted/asked to move but management didn’t let them go) but also using the financial situation of the club as a leverage he extends his contracts even more(as i read somewhere 2024/25).. its like nepotism/favoritism coming from a powerful catalonian family background and his father being a former spanish/Barca player he got so much influence/politics behind him too

  7. Let’s be honest once Ramos retires Spain are done. Doesn’t matter if fati and adama start performing really well, without Ramos and his leadership Spain are easily getting clapped by the big teams such as France Germany and England

  8. Ramos is the most capped player, the most experienced, the Captain, the best penalty taker and the leader of this team. Why would he give the 2nd pen to someone else? That's poor leadership. He took on the responsibility of failing twice and did what good leaders do – face failure. If I'm one of the youngsters on that team, all I'm gonna be thinking is "how will this man come back from it? And how can I get inspired by his reaction and mentality?" If Ramos scores the next pen Spain get, he'll prove his leadership, determination and set an incredible example for all those U23's we have.

  9. Its not about just the age or the number. 39 years old zlatan or 35 years of age ronaldo or lewandowski likewise physically way more younger than malnourished physically degraded busquet on paper.. its about physicality,fitness level,coping with intensity,reaction time,endurance,.,etc. Some players may extend their prime/level beyond 35 even while others like busquet they used up/finished when reaching their 28-30. So its rather exclusively individualistic perhaps genetics play a big role in it, and the way maintaining their body, lifestyles,injuries,deceases there could be many more reasons. Additionally style of play and the playing conditions,surroundings also add up to that since football has been evolved/changed than a decade ago. Modern day football more demanding physicality,fitness level,intensity,speed,high pressing,tempo than decades ago where busi was at his prime and top teams play styles,tactics,challenges,opponents conditions(the whole picture) were deferent.. basically not everyone is zlatan nor busquet (they’re standing on quite opposite ends of the real physical age).

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