The Lionel Messi chat RAMPS UP in Extra Time! | ESPN FC

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Craig Burley, Luis Garcia and Shaka Hislop join Dan Thomas in ESPN FC Extra Time to answer all your questions from social media.

0:00 Does Luis even have Twitter?
1:00 If Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona, will the current crop of players be hated?
1:40 Who has the better squad other than Barcelona and Real Madrid?
2:43 Will Antoine Griezmann step up this season?
3:40 The latest VAR news.
4:15 Would Craig ever accept the Ballon d’Or during his playing career?
4:40 Who was the best dribbler Luis ever played with and against?
5:50 Would Shaka prefer Trinidad & Tobago make a World Cup or win the Gold Cup?
7:15 Craig’s Olympics viewing.
9:10 Playing in the rain.
10:00 Shaka’s preseason Power Rankings.
The Lionel Messi chat RAMPS UP in Extra Time! | ESPN FC
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39 thoughts on “The Lionel Messi chat RAMPS UP in Extra Time! | ESPN FC

  1. Clubs are fighting to get the best players in their team, while Barca keep loosing the best player's over the years cos of mismanagement and thanks to lord Bartomeu for destroying Barca at last

  2. It's not just the world cup, the Euros are only a tiny bit less important to the players and the fans. This isn't European arrogance, it's just how it's always been. If you ask any player or fan if they'd rather win the Euros or get to the final of the world cup there's only one answer.

  3. Love the inferiority complex of Craig regarding the Gold Cup. He knows full well if football ever reached parity in popularity with basketball and American football, the US would be dominant. See basketball in the Olympics? That's what the World Cup would become…

  4. Says it all about modern day footballers really! Lionel Messi, so inextricably linked with Barcelona, couldn't find it in his heart to keep playing for the team he apparently loves so much because they can't afford to pay him even more money to add to the ridiculous amount of money he's already earned and will never be able to spend!
    Isn't it about time players stopped earning such unbelievable amounts of money 🤔

  5. May be start a GoFund Page to start collecting funds so that Barcelona has more money to sign Messi. If everyone donates 1-2 dollars out of few hundred millions people, you have few hundred millions..

  6. La Liga has lost Neymar CR7 in the past. Few years. Just don't see how the league can afford to lose Messi as well. In my opinion this IS a big power play . Barca don't want to let Messi go, Messi doesn't want to go, La Liga shurly don't want him to go, the investor's in the league won't want him to go.
    They just buying time to figure out a solution that doesn't look to obvious.

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