‘They don’t need him!’ Will Lionel Messi start for Argentina against Brazil? | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls show) debate the biggest football stories of the week in quick hits. Up for discussion today:
0:00 Mbappe scores four goals as France obliterate Kazakhstan.
0:57 What was Was Harry Maguire thinking with his England celebration?
2:05 Will Harry Kane break England’s all-time goal record?
2:56 Should Lionel Messi play against Brazil?
3:46 Are Brazil the best international team in the world?
4:15 Hansi Flick mixes things up in Germany’s 4-1 win vs. Armenia.
5:05 A late Russia own goal sends Croatia to the World Cup.
6:01 The Premier League reveal the calendar for the 2022/23 season.

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48 thoughts on “‘They don’t need him!’ Will Lionel Messi start for Argentina against Brazil? | ESPN FC

  1. Seriously , these guys have a point in this . Argentina have already build a team which collectively is very good . The understanding between the players is 🔥. And they are on the longest unbeaten run in International football . I don't want to guarantee but yes , I have genuine feeling that next year Either Brazil or Argentina can lift the cup . I don't know if they will . There are more talented teams than them . But , they are the two most balanced teams . A very talented squad cannot always guarantee you success . Because in crunch moments , people make mistakes , poor understanding between players due to ego issues arise , tactics can fail . A balanced squad can atleast prevent you from these kind of problems in critical moments .
    And Brazil and Argentina have both talent and balance ….

  2. Ronaldo couldn't drag Portugal towards the finish line and now they have to play playoffs. WHERE'S A VIDEO ABOUT THAT? Messi always delivered when Argentina needed him the most and the fact that they are unbeaten because of both team consistency and Leo Messi's unbelievable performances. These ESPN disgraceful pundits DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING about south american football and keeps BELITTLING Messi all the time.

  3. Messi will most probably start vs Brazil, just because a win would secure Qatar only if Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay don’t win their matches, so Scaloni will just try to win Brazil and qualify, thus he won’t be needing to call up Messi for the rest of qualifiers.

  4. I know you need provocative headlines to get clicks, but saying that Argentina don't need Messi after he carried the team for a decade is the most idiotic thing one could say. ESPN should really do better.

  5. It's a simple math what Penaldo brings in the team 1 or 2 tap ins every two games at what cost no connections in team building, pressing, defense, passing and team is vulnerable just like playing 10 men vs 11 whenever Penaldo is on the pitch and leaks 4-6 goals every 2 games. It is more expenses than income and no manager or team can stop that . That is the reason Juventus have to change 3 managers and team regressed again see at Man U and Portugal same thing is repeating.

  6. Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Ole's at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!

  7. Lol and of course Harry Kane ended up playing vs San Marino and scoring 4 after Jules said he won't play. Dude will take any chance to statpad his numbers for that January City move considering how awful he is in the Prem right now

  8. Harry Kane scores four. Against San Marino. European snipers are so lucky. South American scorers can never in a lifetime have the ridiculous opponents that there are in the european qualifiers. Harry Kane and others can inflate their scoring records like crazy. It is embarassing watching how they celebrate scoring against weekend players.

  9. I hate to admit it but messi is on the decline, his performances this season at psg have been shockingly bad, borderline terrible. 😢 I think he may be finished like Barcelona.

  10. messi is still the heart of their team, we saw that when they went against uruguay. Only scoring 1 goal against a country that they are easily capable of scoring at least 2

  11. Marcotti has no idea what he's talking about, does he even watch games? "Argentina are on a ridicioulsly long unbeaten streak, you would never expect that" why not?

  12. Now .. we all know Messi was the best and Ron was second best but now neither Messi or ron are best in the football world .. now it's time for next generation to take over . We resspects the OGs but we also want youngster to live their dreams .so. Ronaldo and messi were greatest still there are better players then them mostly in third world countries and those players are never given chances in pitch.. for example simple porter in most backward country like Nepal can carry 150 kg loads and carry them up the mountains whole day rest for three or four hours cuz mostly they spend there free time drinking alcohols and still next day they are able to do same work load as a human robot .. now that's athleticism.. still this athelets are most underpaid sportsman cuz carrying loads is just a means of earnings money what makes them excited is the sport in which they compete and in that spot even Messi or Ronaldo cannot compete and when the people like this are given spot light in football they will show how a true athletes without training or gym is made

  13. How does Gab not understand that those Boxing Day fixtures are moneymakers for the premier league and they can’t afford to just throw that money away cos of a World Cup, that honestly did not absolutely have to happen in Qatar (to lead to a deviation from the typical format)

  14. that marcotte is as dumb as it gets….surprised Argentina is unbeaten for 26 games….? What if you watch some of their games?? isn't that your job?? Or you just talk bs*** and have no clue of the teams you are talking about??

  15. When he said Agentina don't want Messi he is stupid/ better have pills…..That's what we want from young player to help the older player Agentina is like that…Messi find rest among the young players….The moments he has the ball he motivates the young player like De Paul, Parade and so.. .When you play against Brazil, Uruguay with consistency wow is just amazing…Stop your nonsense comment.

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