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Oh, hi July. You’re awfully cold! Plus, your arrival has reminded us that we’re more than halfway through 2022. Wild! In case you didn’t already know, it’s also our birthday month. Yup, we’re celebrating 7 years of delivering smart devices that are as affordable as they are impressive! To ccelebrate the occasion, you would’ve noticed a sneaky deal here and there, and a few awesome opportunities to save on some of your favourite products. 

If that’s not enough, we’ve compiled a #PartyWithMi Gift Guide that is sure to inspire you to spoil a friend and/or family member. Or let’s be honest – to TREAT YO’ SELF! 

Here are the top 7 smart products to consider adding to your cart:

1. Fitness First

Ok, so exercising in winter sucks, we get it! For those of you who are committed to getting active despite the weather, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is all the inspiration you need to get moving. Hesitant to venture outdoors? There are tons of indoor activities that’ll get your heart racing! Think rock wall climbing, yoga, boxing, trampolining, even hula hooping will do the trick. Buy one for a friend to tempt (read: force) them to work out with you!

2. Mobile Madness

While we’re on the topic of smarty accessories you can’t do without, allow us to introduce you to the Xiaomi 12. This smartphone is anything but short of innovative features! Three cameras allow you to capture images and videos no matter the time of day, while extraordinary processing power enables you to master any activity, whether work or play, with style and ease. Sure, you could put a bow on it, or… you could keep it for yourself.

3. Entertainment Station

Another equally impressive smartphone to consider giving to a loved one, or adding to your own cart, is the Redmi 10C. There’s no gift quite like that of daily entertainment, whether it’s watching a show, scrolling through the Gram, or snapping and posting pics and vids. This smart device does it all and more, and with a long-lasting battery, you can enjoy all its perks while out and about! BRB, we’re heading to our online store.

4. Pearly Whites 

If you’re gifting someone a toothbrush, chances are you’re trying to be funny, ironic, or not-so-subtly hinting at something. Buying yourself one simply comes with adulting. A stylish electric toothbrush, though? Now that’s a different story! The Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T700 includes three recommended brushing modes, plus detailed analysis reports that can be viewed in the Xiaomi Home app to help you develop a good brushing habit. Smart, right?

5. Breathe Easy

Speaking of keeping things squeaky clean, the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pro is another smart device that encourages healthier habits. It purifies the air, reaching every corner of your home, while automatically adjusting the purification speed. Use the Xiaomi Home app to activate it when you’re away so that you’re met with fresh, clean air from the moment you arrive. Now that’s what we call a gift that keeps on giving!

6. Floor-less Job 

You’re breathing in fresh air but what about your floors? Enter: The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Ultra. Perhaps it’s because we’re getting older but receiving a gift that does the cleaning for you is right up our alley! That’s right, this clever little treasure accurately scans the layout of your whole house and mops accordingly. It does so while avoiding obstacles, anticipating low spaces, and retreating when near the edge of a step. What’s more, you can clean specific areas, zone off other spots, and more using the Xiaomi Home app.

7. Home Improvement

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for! Yet, you can’t go wrong with something he can add to his toolbox. The Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill allows users to switch between three operating modes to ensure every job is done right. Whether you’re a girl-boss looking to flex your DIY skills, or a professional handyman hoping to impress clients – this smart device is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for a more comfortable and safe operation.

This concludes our top picks of innovative products we’d happily receive for our 7th birthday! Feeling inspired yet? Great! Head to our online store and fill those carts. There’s even a Payflex option available that lets you pay in instalments. Well? Off you go! Happy shopping!

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