What team will be the biggest flop at the World Cup? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Dan Thomas, Ale Moreno, Luis Garcia, Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Why Luis is in Liverpool
1:02 Would the rest of the panel play in a legends game?
3:40 Has a goalkeeper ever cleaned your clock?
6:19 How many statues of Messi will there be if Argentina wins the World Cup?
7:08 Start, bench, sell: Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke and Les Ferdinand
9:05 Who did Luis enjoy playing with more, Xavi or Gerrard?
10:24 What did Jacques Chirac tell Frank when he received a WC medal?
12:18 Which teammate had the coolest flat to hang out at?
16:08 Biggest flop at the World Cup?
17:51 Frank’s starting back line for the WC

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35 thoughts on “What team will be the biggest flop at the World Cup? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Portugal were poor in the qualifiers. They were extremely lucky and the ref played more minutes allocated where they then got the winner was in their side against my country Ireland. And we are terrible.

  2. If Varane is starting for France over Saliba then they have serious issues. Then again it’s not like England who refuse to drop Dudley Dursley aka Harry Maguire so it could always be worse 😂

  3. I think France That Worldcup Curse is Real man!!!! Italy won they didn’t qualify… Spain Later won they were getting badly beat almost every match in WC and Germany won an they Didn’t make it out of the group stages.

  4. I'm from Tobago, the tiny Caribbean island where Dwight grew up. I was 2 years behind him in high school and got the opportunity to watch him play for our school against other schools. He was a genius and magical to watch even at that age….

  5. Ale's nose is a bit bent, isn't it!
    But isn't that just typical for wives? They always hit you at the worst moment, like when you are just waking up, by saying "Your nose job was a waste of money, we should have gone on holiday instead" (as if you could change a damned thing anyway!).

  6. I hate it when some morons use this witty, friendly and fair show to voice their prejudice, bias and hate against other countries. Such low lives should creep back under the stones from which they have crawled and leave the rest of us in peace to enjoy the show.

  7. Surprise, surprise! England isn't the big flop so many would have liked them to be, but Germany might still be a flop, but as far as I am concerned Belgium is definitely the biggest disappointment, although Argentina has definitely not come up to expectations, despite winning their group.

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