What to make of Eden Hazard’s performance for Belgium? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Kay Murray, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Frank’s theory on earrings
2:08 What’s the most goals Shaka allowed in a match?
3:30 Have you ever played in a match and never touched the ball?
5:59 The biggest upset you ever took part in
7:57 Which WC underdog performance has impressed most?
9:28 Does Shaka also do the FIFA rankings?
12:25 Thoughts on Eden Hazard’s performance?
13:23 Will Craig watch any 5am games?
14:10 Did Frank see Japanese fans help clean the stadium?

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48 thoughts on “What to make of Eden Hazard’s performance for Belgium? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. When you listen to some pundits, you realize that sometimes they don't watch actual games but just highlights!
    No one in Belgium played well, really?
    I thought Hazard had one of his best performances in year's and looked like his old self!KDB was running through that midfield like a hot knife through butter and was only lacking his first touch!
    Experience tells that teams who start slowly in tournaments go far and improve game by game !Team's that start with a blast and scoring so many goals early usually struggle later on and can't score goals against tougher opposition!
    It all makes the tournament interesting!

  2. Frank should be a regular. I'm not the only one who feels that way when you look at the comments.

    And Shaka's one liner at 11:12… I replayed that 10 times and it only gets funnier.

    Im probably gonna add this one in my comedy/satire playlist.

  3. He did well to be fair. Canada may have shown everyone a blueprint to beat Belgium though. With a more accomplished strike force , Canada could have easily won. Bravo effort though

  4. Hazard was the best player for Belgium after Courtois yesterday till he was subbed. He did not simply fall on every foul, held himself up, did some dribbles, Retained the ball, retrieved some, one long ball he gave was nice, but was slightly fast to catch up. Another thru ball, the striker did not run.

  5. The only reason people are in here saying this performance was acceptable for this guy is because he hasn’t touched the field in 4 years.

    He said Germany should focus on football- funny- this dude has been so focused on burgers he forgot how to play.

    Trossard should start over him until this guy learns how to play again.

  6. I thought he was one of Belgium’s better players. There was glimpses of brilliance from him but it’s clear he’s lost that explosiveness he once had which is a shame

  7. Man these guys are clueless. As stupid as some Qs are, the people want you to address football, not your boring lives. Craig was asked to rant/comment about the boring Croatia game instead he keeps talking about his morning routine. Japanese question-Frank just talks about his life.

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