What’s to blame for Liverpool’s disappointing season: Injuries or Jurgen Klopp? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Jan Aage Fjortoft, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley join Dan Thomas on the ESPN FC panel for Extra Time.

0:00 With Liverpool on course for a Europa League spot, were injuries the only thing that held the Reds back or Jurgen Klopp’s tactics as well?
02:24 Would Stevie rather have Liverpool in the Europa League or not play in Europe at all?
03:45 Jan, where will Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho end up this summer: Manchester United, Liverpool or somewhere else?
10:59 Craig, what area of the team should Pep Guardiola and Manchester City strengthen at the end of the season?
11:37 Can it be said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Juventus has been a failure?

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47 thoughts on “What’s to blame for Liverpool’s disappointing season: Injuries or Jurgen Klopp? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Considering how well Real Madrid has done despite injury problems, i think Klopp should've been able to do better, considering the amount of star players. Of course the center back options were extremely limited, but again, they had a good squad.. (i'm a Liverpool fan btw if that matters)

  2. 🙏Sorry Mr Klopp🙏
    🙏Please buy back this season's⚡🌟🔥EFL Championship🔥🌟⚡most dribbles⚽player, 🌟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Ovie Ejaria🔥& our young⚡Super Striker⚡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌟Rhian Brewster⚽🔥👍🙏.

  3. 🙏Sorry Mr Klopp🙏
    🌟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Ovie Ejaria can be the👍best 🇳🇱Wijnaldum's replacement & 🌟🇷🇸Marko Grujic is 🇷🇸Serbian Fabinho & 🌟an alternative CB👍.

  4. Putting Fabinho and Hendo as CBs, not resting your starting 11 players, rushing Matip back time after time, and not managing the front 3 properly is why LFC is where they are, the injuries are what started it, but Klopp continued to add to the problems. Buying Sancho or even Mbappe won't solve those problems. Just look at how many injuries other players have, injury after injury. That's not normal.

  5. Liverpool don't have the squad to cope with being at the top, you could say they peaked for the last 2 seasons and now they're on the slide. Next season they will come back stronger but there are about 5 players they should shift out for replacements because there time is done

  6. if it was Ole, they would be discussing how a great manager should be able to adapt to his situation despite the injuries, but its klopp to Steve eyes he can do no wrong

  7. Isn't it most likely going to be top 5 in Champions League because the winner of CL this season will most likely be in the top 4? Seems like Liverpool still have a very good shot at getting 5th place.

  8. Carig and Stevie telling sancho to pick Liverpool.. Really where he is gonna place.. In place of salah.. Why would he go to Liverpool if he is not sure if he will be in starting eleven and also europa League vs championship league ..u know which to pick

  9. Trolling and trollers aside..fact is we don't have reserve players who can fill up the boots of the mains in many positions(unlike ManCity,BayernMunich and so)..too much reliance on the Main starters..

  10. What's his name Stephen or sh*t, you need to always tell the real truth when you are on air because this is public TV not your youtube channel or your Instagram account fools I know you don't like Manchester United because we're the king 😉😜 but always say the truth fools…

  11. Media doesn’t hesitate to turn onto a manager. Last year they were full of praises. This year obviously not. I am Man Utd fan. So this is my honest opinion.

  12. What would Klopp say? I 'll try: Injuries didn't help, but it's clearly my responsibility as manager to deal with that and make best of it. So I cannot refuse all responsibility for the situation, we're in.

  13. Really missed Matip, Van Dijk and Gomez. It’s evident if you lose your top 3 defenders that it’s going to affect the team very badly, but also our top 3 baring Jota must work harder and do more.

  14. Let's get some proper perspective Klopp has insisted on playing like Van Dijk was fit so basically tore up the full season and destroyed their confidence while at it just too stubborn to bend, like Pep

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