Why didn't Barcelona find a way to bring Lionel Messi back? | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas is joined by Luis Garcia, Frank Leboeuf, Julien Laurens and Steve Nicol to react to Lionel Messi’s farewell press conference with Barcelona.

0:00 Garcia and Lebeouf on how Barcelona fans are feeling after Messi’s departure.
2:18 Steve Nicol on Messi ‘basically being pushed out the door’ at Barcelona.
3:05 Why didn’t Barcelona figure out a way to bring Messi back?
4:16 What will the post-Messi era look like?
8:39 Who is to blame for Messi’s departure?

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47 thoughts on “Why didn't Barcelona find a way to bring Lionel Messi back? | ESPN FC

  1. Now that Messi leaving Barcelona did he wasted playing the last two season with them and is it Guaranteed he will be winning the Champions league in the season to come Given a solid defensives team

  2. poor Messi, he comes back from the best vacation of his life only to find out that he lost his job. Whether it was incompetence or malic by the Barca higher-ups, at least he got to enjoy a stress-free couple of weeks.

  3. He obviously loves the money more than the club he is leaving. At the end off the day you do what is more important to yourself. This is why I don't like football any more, over later players I would prefer a cap on there wages, a footballer getting more money than someone who risks life to save others, SHAMEFUL waste of money.

  4. MESSI no es DELINCUNTE ni ladron ni asesino

    Solo su contador conmetio un herror… COn esos insultos YO ME UBIESE IDO TAMBIEN

    Ahora lo importante que nadie se pregunta:

    COMO GASTO EL ESTADO ESPAÑOL los miles de millones que les ENTREGO MESSI, por jugar y vivir en España=

    Que hizo españa, se los envio a maduro, pago a amigos y familiares de politicos

    O Hicieron un hospital completo con los miles de millones?

  5. Messi is the perfect example of when a players demands get too big for the club to handle, it’s not his fault thought the problems always start from the top and Barca have made some strange signings over the past few seasons, Kevin Prince Boateng Miralem Pjanic and Martin Braitwaite come to mind.

  6. What nobody is telling you about Messi leaving Barcellona is that he has bankrupt Barcelona, and the new leadership has inherited enough debts and tired of him controlling them just like he did with previous board. who remembered when messi questioned Bartomeu for not doing enough to brought Neymar back to Barca and how he openly shunned Greizmman for more than amonth after his signing, Barca Board has been under his control for the past 10 year. Barcelona Board has to get rid of Ibrahimovic because of him, not to mention the licked dossier about his hidden payments last year, even LaPorta says the truth is worse than the exposed secrets, Messi salary is bigger than the entire Barcelona players combined. The new board wants to balance their books and the only way to do it is to get him out, so the club won't continue to suffer because they have the biggest player. In reality Messi wasn't going to play for barca with 50% reduced salary without back payment that was the reason for this fallout, remembered Laporta says no player is bigger than the Club and they weren't preparing to a risk that will affect the Club for the next 50 years. this statement alone tells the truth facts between Barcelona board and Messi camp saga, they were looking for freedom from Mes

  7. Why is this supposedly some big conspiracy to people? There were a host of reasons to move on. He was treated poorly. How? He had the largest sports contract in history, so large at 50 percentage reduction it still would have been top and accounted for 15 percent of Barca's expenses. He had to go cause he was treated so well, and a pandemic happened to put the vice on the clubs financials. I mean what did you expect? He also had a fallback of playing at a club with several players that are generational talents where he could win the CL one last time and propel them to greatness. It also allows him to shut up the Ronaldo fanboys who point to his loyalty to the club as cowardice. Does it sting to watch a legend leave,oh yeah. Ask Ramos fans at Real. Did the board botch this slowly over years? Of course. Did they make bold promises they couldn't keep. Yep. But they in no way planned some sort of deep conspiracy to attack the league and they're loyal player. It was just a lot of stupidity coming to a head. And it's sad now, because it always would have been. But there will be smiles on all sides. Someone will lift Barca and they will taste glory again. Messi will get a new experience to help him develop as a man and likely will be in a CL final again. La Liga will learn it's just as much fun to be a competitive race as it is to have two favorites. And the world will watch in wonder as the beautiful game keeps it's glory all even when sad days like this happen.

  8. this was laporta plan all along. it was a masterclass from him to get rid of some boday more powerful than him in a smooth operation. beleive its a win win for both player and club. player can win trophies in france especially the ligue1 title and the club can stay under radar for next 2-3 years and do a rebuild

  9. If he loved barca and wanted to stay he'd have played for free. Simple as that.
    Don't be fooled by the tears of a tax dodging disloyal creature of greed.
    He doesnt need money.
    Okay then sign for free.
    Poor Messi.

  10. For me, Messi is missing a big opportunity to lead football down a different path. A few crocodile tears on tv simply doesn't do enough. He could have agreed to donate all his wages back to Barcelona via a sensible structure and effectively play for free. Nobody can stop an individual sending his money where he wants. He could have encouraged/forced his playing colleagues to do something similar so that as a group (with him as the inspirational leader), this group could/would be a vision of a balance to the horrendous greed culture that has taken over football in recent years. This group of players would be looked up to throughout the world and their legacy would be of the highest quality. Instead, the greedy twit is off to PSG to earn another €100m over the next 12 months…What a crying shame!

  11. Let me tell you Barcelona club has & will be loosing big time because around the world where watching Barcelona, getting the t-shirts because of Messi now the only income will be jus frome Barcelona very very bad move from LaPorta, now millions will be purchasing PSG t-shirts with Messi's name on it.

  12. Because 1/ they can't afford him 2/ he is 35 and there is no point paying him £250M until he's 40 3/ they weren't winning title or CL with him so it was time to start building a new team 4/ he was dominant both on and off the pitch and it was becoming a bit ridiculous to run all the decisions through

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