Why Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe WON’T solve all of PSG’s problems | ESPN FC

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The ESPN FC crew delve deeper into PSG’s 4-2 win over Brest in Ligue 1.

0:00 Frank Leboeuf recounts Brest vs. PSG.
1:20 Ale Moreno thinks PSG players continue to be out of position.
2:44 Steve Nicol is critical of Mauricio Pochettino’s side.
3:45 Keylor Navas or Gianluigi Donnarumma?
5:00 When will Neymar and Lionel Messi return?
5:40 What changes when Messi and Neymar are in the squad?
9:45 Is N’Golo Kante the answer to PSG’s problems?
Why Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe WON’T solve all of PSG’s problems | ESPN FC
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47 thoughts on “Why Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe WON’T solve all of PSG’s problems | ESPN FC

  1. One more problem with PSG is doing risky passes which when lost it becomes difficult to recover the ball. They have to avoid making risky passes when recovery will be difficult as many players crave on getting for goal up front leaving much space for a counter-attack against them.

  2. The excuses have started for the super team including Messi, i have never seen this energy for cr7 at juventus, it's always his fault no matter how inept the midfield was smh the bias is disgusting

  3. Messi Neymar and mbappe don't press at all. They each have some of the lowest presses per 90 values in Europe. You can't have a front three that doesn't press at all. Regarding defense, it'll depend on Ramos staying fit he's been consistently injured for the past year. They also need someone to manage all the egos

  4. The reason why PSG will not win the UCL;
    1. Manager: Tuchel was much better than Poch. I doubt Poch ever watched PSG's game before joined , he has no idea about the players or other team. I forgot when last time PSG had a clean sheet under Poch except against Brest in last season.
    2. Midfield: The worst midfield, not even in the top ten or twenty in Europe. Other than Verratti, all are average including Wijnaldum
    3 Défense: Ramos past his best long ago, Kimpembe is another average player like their midfielders
    So, despite so many stars PSG still have to start with two or three average players while Man City or Bayern don't have to, even they have some better players in their bench than PSG's starting XI. And that will make the difference like last two years.

  5. As strong as this team is, they can easily get knocked out vs Bayern, Chelsea or City.
    And when I say easily, I don't mean by goal difference, but by losing focus. They have strong attack and overall great team, yes, but that doesn't guarantee you the UCL.
    MSN won 1 UCL in 4 seasons, which means even with the best trio, you have a higher chance of not winning it.
    And PSG need to do it this year, because Mbappe is leaving next season and a 35 year old Messi and an ageing Neymar isn't gonna cut it next season.
    This is it.

  6. As ( names) they are the best team in the world AND imagine if they’d have also Kante BUT will they click together??? Who knows BUT they should!
    However I am not sure about the most lucky manager ever ( Pochetinho) capabilities! At the same time it’s French League and somehow PSG is hard to maintain the focus 100% as they are so good above the others!

  7. All the idiots defending PSG need to remember they play in a 2nd rate league. They should never lose a game. Whats the last french team to win the champions league? PSG cant seem to win it.

  8. It depends on Mbappe and how he would react to have Messi with him, Neymar already proved he can play with Messi by being unselfish and passing to each other. If Mbappe does the same, they should be ok… PSG had problems before between Neymar and Cavani because they fought over the ball. Cavani is like Renaldo; he wants to be the star and score. Neymar reacts very well to Messi and respects him which he shows while with Barca. Mbappe is already on the way out because he prefers a team where he will shine by himself…but it's OK, because De Maria can easily take his place and is a great compliment to Messi, while the defense is in good hands…I love how they criticize the game with most of the stars not playing; this is just a tune-up game! You cannot expect them to be at their best when most of their top players especially in defense not playing.

  9. Messi Neymar Suarez was way better than this trio… Reason being Messi and Neymar were younger and better back then, and Suarez back then was also lot better than over rated Mbappe.

  10. If PSG played in UCL the same way they play in Ligue 1, they would have never reached UCL final and semis.
    The behaviour is completely different. I thought it was obvious for everyone.
    If you base your judgement on thei Ligue 1 performances, you'll be surprised. Hopefully for their UCL opponents, they won't be as naive as you are.

  11. Farmers league with all these players? So PSG is signing all these players to win farmers league or just to win champions league? So what they don’t win the champions league this season?

  12. 📊Difference between BIG chances Created and BIG chances Missed in League & UCL games since Aug 2015

    Messi +118
    Neymar +29
    Salah -25
    Mbappé -27
    Immobile -40
    Kane -41
    Agüero -50
    Lukaku -50
    Luis Suárez -62
    Benzema -63
    Aubameyang -83
    Cristiano -86
    Cavani -92
    Lewandowski -132

  13. so let me get this straight, they want to see a game where psg score 4 to 6 goals every game and the other team scores none…? whats the point of watching a game if there is no competition ? I am sure the opposing team would disagree with you that only psg should score goals and they are just there so psg can show how good they are … barcelona was so great with messi neymar suarez and the rest of the squad that no other team won the champions league…but that didnt happen

  14. Messi should of signed for hull city as he,d get the same football challenges in the english championship as he,ll get in the French league 1 , there's only some champions league games he,s going to have to play at his best . League games not so much

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