Will Manchester United finish in the Premier League top 4? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno, Don Hutchison and Julien Laurens answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Why Dan feels bad for Juls
0:43 % chance Manchester United finishes top 4
1:30 % chance Nottingham Forest stays in Premier League
3:36 Will are Stevie, Ale & Don supporting in the World Cup?
7:20 The biggest fight they saw in a locker room
10:45 Do Ale or Juls have better taste in sneakers?
12:50 Does Stevie know what Esports are?

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37 thoughts on “Will Manchester United finish in the Premier League top 4? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. 7:00 mins, love it. Football is not the national game of England. Nor, is cricket.
    Rugby however is, unless changed it in the last 25 years.
    Most importantly, we invented them all. Not, the Congo or the USA.

  2. random note: i think you guys dont realize that gab is considefed the GOAT of football reporting on the planet…hes a legend in europe…hes the stephen A smith of football

  3. I love watching the growth of this channel. In the beginning I would think I hope they don't get discourage with low views and now they get solid views and growing, sick.

  4. 22/23 season period

    My prediction is as follows.

    Take notes and memorize them all.

    1st place: Tottenham

    2nd place: Man City

    3rd place: Liverpool

    4th place: Chelsea

    5th place: Newcastle

    6th place: Arsenal

    7th place: Manchester United

  5. I don’t see United in top four next season, probably not even top 6 because every other team looks really dangerous, Liverpool, Chelsea, mancity, Tottenham, Aston villa and new castle looks very dangerous compare to United.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣 no transfers for united!!!! They are sooo useless and incompetent🤣🤣🤣 no transfers no european challenge…..not even conference league

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