Will the 2022 FIFA World Cup be Neymar’s last? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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0:00 What would Juls rather see, back-to-back World Cups for France or for PSG to win the Champions League?
1:30 Everton, Aston Villa, or Leeds: Which team would the FC panel like to take over if they were billionaires?
2:12 How far will Scotland go in World Cup qualifying?
3:30 Should Spanish clubs be cautious in signing players from the Premier League?
4:30 Thoughts on Neymar saying the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be his last?
5:30 How would the guys feel if someone had them tattooed on their bodies?

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30 thoughts on “Will the 2022 FIFA World Cup be Neymar’s last? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Question should be, will 2022 world cup be the 1st truly fair world cup with effective use of VAR eliminating favoritism? If that happens then a new nation will win the world cup for their very 1st time, what a joy that will be. I cant wait.

  2. He could have been really amazing. I honestly don’t know if he was just unfortunate to grow up in Ronaldo and Messi’s era, or he needed more discipline in his life, or just like Messi had Ronaldinho- maybe Neymar needed someone too.

    Maybe Neymar just got caught up in partying, social media. I don’t see him playing at 33

  3. As a Brazil fan, I don't mind Neymar retiring. It'll give young players more opportunities. Sure, he is probably going to beat pele's record. But, he hasn't done anything of note in the big stage. He got injured in the 2014 world cup. But had a decent group stage. But then I thought he was going to kick on. But he was horrible in the 2018 world cup and for a while now, he looks like he isn't even trying in a lot of matches. He goes down easily and hopes to get a fowl and instead of moving the ball quickly, waits for the other team to get back to their positions and tries tricks to go past players and loses the ball. I would rather have someone with less talent, but who gives his all on the pitch.

  4. No, Neymar still has a long push ahead of him and he could even make it all the way to 2030 if he steps up his game. The overall issue is with Neymar although he ranked among the best players in the world, his reputation has taken a hit for his inconsistency. His talent would actually make him better then Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but overall if the money he made and social media went too much in his head he could blow an opportunity to be a bigger champion then what he is now.

  5. Neymar's reputation has taken a hit over the years not like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who have been hailed in the last 12 years by the fans despite the fact he is ranked among the best players in the world. Neymar needs to take his career more seriously and his performance and how dedicated he is to his team and winning. Neymar could be a lot bigger then what he is now, if he was to push himself more seriously.

  6. I don't think it will be Neymar's last world cup . I definitely believe Neymar will make it to the 2026 world cup there's plenty of players who are no where near Neymar 's level and still choose to play in the world cup . There's plenty of teams that have had players well into there mid 30's and still choose them to play in the world cup . look at CR7 and roger milla also ignasavic from Russia . Dino zoff was already 40 yrs and managed to win a world cup and yeah ok he was a goalkeeper but still was able to perform and help his team .

  7. Neymar has not been in the top 5 footballers for at least 2 years. I'd put Haaland M'Bappe, Lewandowski, Ronaldo, Messi and probably even Salah above him, yet he's always in the conversation. For someone who flew to Brazil for a birthday 3 years in a row during important games in Europe its clear as day that he's falling out of love for the game, but then this is all just one man's opinion

  8. People are crazy of this guy. Who can tell me what he has done or success about lately past years….??? None. He is just normal player like small clubs in England, Germany, Spain ect. That's all. Why guys keep talk about this guy. He's useless now. Copa America final what he helped Brazil??? Tell me

  9. I would hope for Brazil. Have not impressed at any world Cup with him on the field. Many it would be time to bring in the young talent that is bottleneck because of the old stars.

  10. I pray for it. Neymar is an idiot, a bad example as a sportsman, a bad influence on young people in every way possible. I believe that Brazil will only win a cup again when this disgrace as a citizen and sportsman does us the favor of retiring because the advertisers will weigh their hand for him to be summoned even if it's just to roll on the field

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