Will this season be considered a failure for Arsenal if they finish fifth? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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On this edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the crew discuss:

0:47 Would Craig finally support a Premier League team if Nottingham Forest get promoted?
3:09 Was there an ex-player/legend that criticized/praised you a lot?
10:49 Best commentary line that you’ll always remember?
13:53 Will this season be considered a failure for Arsenal if they finish fifth?
15:04 Beer pong winners?
17:23 What’s more likely, Manchester City finishes Aston Villa in first 20-30 minutes or it comes down to wire?
18:02 Messi, Neymar, Lewandowski or Havertz, Werner?

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39 thoughts on “Will this season be considered a failure for Arsenal if they finish fifth? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. Total failure considering Arsenal lost in 5 games out (15 points) of last 12, but they are lucky to be 5th (qualified for EL) because the season is over this week, otherwise they will finish worse than 7th place.

  2. "Well, yeah, some of the stuff you come out with, it's probably apt." Thomas is the biggest troll on the Internet.

    Thomas, I like your style. Always have, always will.

  3. A nice big stadium and no success.I blame Hillwood.He sold us out to kronke.The clubs stale with no ambition and no sole or desire to win.The last to games proves the point.

  4. If Arsenal came from 6th position and finish 5th, nobody will even complain not to mention the season being a failure.

    These idea is coming because Arsenal were at some point close to going above Chelsea into 3rd place, looked to have 4th place nailed down and within 2 matches have bottled it. It just feels like we let it slip through our hands.

    To me it's not a failed season. It's actually a good one considering where we were last season. But I'm disappointed we let it slip 😢

  5. We fired Wenger and Emery for finishing 5th and now it's progress when we're exactly where arteta found us.This guy has more excuses for him than any coach ever.

  6. Not a failure but not a sucess either. More like an improvement from the last two seasons. Having said that Arsenal has benefitted from United and Leicester's downfall. Next season will be very tough on Arsenal

  7. Yes it is a failure In my books because in the last 5 matches Arteta and his crumbled under expectation as they taught they were guaranteed to play CL football

  8. Morata was one of best player in Europe when Robbo ? Morata was bench warmer at Madrid when Chelsea signed him infect in seria a he is not regular so forget about PL 🤣🤣 . ale Messi and Neymar want track back

  9. Arsenal should have got ancellotti more than 5 years ago than should have got conte when he was free that's more to do with owners a lot of these players are soft odgard Tavares Cedric ben white

  10. No. That's like blaming a baby for not becoming a doctor before his father.
    We used kids in the best League in the world!!!
    Arteta overachieved regardless of what happens in our last game

  11. No Europe
    No mid week games as were bounced from both cups in January
    Spent 150 million over the Summer
    May I repeat, no mid week games.
    Yes it’s a fail true because we ended right back to where we were 3 years ago.
    Yes it’s a failure. Thank goodness United and Leicester were terrible this year.

  12. It seems everyone look’s for the negative in the game they pretend to love without thinking things through Arsenal are a fantastic football club and people in the game should understand this instead of answering stupid questions and let’s be honest how many people actually reach the hight of becoming a professional player in comparison with the amount who’s dream it is to become one, love the game and enjoy ✌🏼

  13. It’s a failure in the sense we bottled top four sure . Did anyone expect us to be challenging for top four , anyone ? The answer is no , not even arsenal fans . Last two years we finished 8th and this year we look set to finish 5th . We have improved on last season by 3 places and that’s considered a failure ?🤷‍♂️ We aren’t nowhere near ready for champions league football anyhow

  14. Arsenal's first eleven is decent enough for a top 4 shout. The moment the injury kicks in Arsenal will start loosing games. Hopefully they will plug the holes this transferwindow

  15. I really hope Nottingham Forest get promoted and do well, I'm a Millwall supporter but they've always been my second team. I'd love a strong Villa, Everton, Leeds and Forest. I would be great for football. With Newcastle and with Millwall's inevitable rise to the top soon the big six will beome a big twelve! 🙂

  16. The expectation was to climb the table and get back into Europe.
    Arsenal have achieved that.
    Nobody, not even Arsenal fans, expected the gunners to go into a top 4 race right until the end of the season.
    The starting XI is young and inexperienced, and the reserves are mostly garbage.
    Keeping all that in mind, Arsenal have done well this season. They've hit their targets.
    They'd just be shattered they couldn't hold onto 4th spot in the end.
    Champions League would have been too much, too soon for this squad anyway.
    They wouldn't have coped with playing against some of Europe's best midweek, then backing it up on the weekend in the premier league.
    They're still 2 seasons away from realistically being able to do that.

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