Will Tuchel get sacked if Chelsea doesn't win anything? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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On Monday’s edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the panel discusses:

0:54 Will EPL fans stop calling other leagues “farmers’ leagues?”
1:47 Should Mbappe be in a World’s Best XI?
2:54 Would you start Donnarumma or Neuer?
3:17 Do players care about individual awards?
5:36 Will Tuchel get sacked if Chelsea doesn’t win anything?
6:55 Who is the one player who could help Chelsea?
7:48 What is the best song released by a professional football club?
10:52 What is the point of Everton?
13:10 Would Mourinho be a good fit at Everton?
15:20 Who is more biased, Craig or Frank?

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41 thoughts on “Will Tuchel get sacked if Chelsea doesn't win anything? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. It's Chelsea so who knows, but sacking a coach after his first full season when he won the Champions league after taking over mid season would be absurd, and they wouldn't find a coach who would be more successful

  2. Chelsea's in the final of the FA cup, still going strong in the champions league, and already won the cup winners cup. Pundits like to act like the league title is the only piece of silverware available.

  3. EPL is a farmers league? CL finals: Liverpool vs Madrid, Liverpool vs Spurs, PSG vs Bayern, City vs Chelsea. Hmm 5 out of the last 8 teams are from the premier league.

  4. Chelsea are out of the title race. The only way tuchel can keep his job is by defending the ucl. The carabao cup, fa cup and club world cup will not save his job. You can see the history of managers getting sacked or reaching an mutual agreement to leave the job under abrahamovic.

  5. How bad is Chelsea now. If Spurs or Arsenal win all their games in hand they will catch up with them. From fighting with City and Liverpool for the title they are now fighting with Spurs, Arsenal and maybe even West Ham and Utd to qualify for UCL. It's so funny. From being praised as one of the best managers around earlier in the season, Tuchel is now a sack candidate. Hahaha.

  6. knowing how Chelsea work, the chance are very likely. Chelsea didn't care if you're the best manager they had is their history, if you failed to make the team deliver, the pink slip surely coming soon.

  7. Tuchel got sacked from PSG , Lampard got sacked for less at Chelsea and Tuchel came in got to champions league final and to be hones were luck to win then lost fa cup to Leicester and been on a bad run for months …

  8. Come on man, who are we kidding.. forget trophies, they will fire Tuchel if they don't win the next game there is no doubt about it.. If he isn't fired then it means Roman Abramovic actually got some kind of enlightenment..

  9. Considering how Puli, Havertz, Lukaku, Ziyech, Werner, CHO became average players in last year, I am not even sure if Mbappe would not become average under Tuchel. The fundamentals are just wrong going forward.

  10. Hey frank!!! If Ronaldo would have been 100% for that World Cup final you and Zidane would have never become world champions. I know you know that and you admit it and that’s why you are my favorite of the show

  11. Tuchel will be fired if he keeps going the way he’s going & having no solution towards fixing the problems in Chelsea’ camp/dressing room? Any sound coach who wants the best out of his boys/girls, wouldn’t give them excuses to loose matches? Only a terrible coach will say “my boys are tired”, when others are still playing hard football; & beating/drawing with Chelsea, as if they’re coming back from a holiday camp? Tuchel’s only getting his boys ready to say, “yea, we’re tired!” …as a good reason for them to keep loosing points, game after game?😲🙆🏻‍♂️

    When he first arrived to manage Lampard’s squad, & won the CL, everyone thought he’s a genius. Now he has his own selected squad, & he’s coming up with excuses for loosing! But Pple forget very quickly that Roberto Dimatteo, the other Chelsea interim coach who won the 1st CL for Chelsea in a much harder circumstances; having to defeat Bayern Munich, in there own backyard? And after Dimatteo got confirmed as Chelsea’ permanent coach, & he started loosing games in a new season (within same year) he got fired within 6-months after winning d FA-cup & first CL.for Chelsea? So I see the same, happening to Thomas Tuchel, if he can’t find a way to start winning again.
    Tuchel is not the genius many fans thinks he is.

    Every dummy knows how Lukaku score goals, except Tuchel; we all know players must always pass him the ball! Bcuz Lukaku is not a Messi, who’ll dribble his way from the center? If he scored about 40goals in all competitions in Seria-A, when he receives btw 30-35 passes in d opponents box per game, & Tuchel still expects him to score 30goals for Chelsea, with less than 10-touches in opponents box, then Tuchel is not well!🤧
    That’s why he’ll soon be fired!

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