Wives, learn from your husbands’ side chick — Prophet Ritabbi

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Prophet Ritabbi has encouraged women with unfaithful husbands to seek advice from their side chicks on maintaining them.

He stated that this was a better method than arguing with them. The preacher suggested in a viral social media video that a “wise” lady would seek advice on what her husband enjoys from the side chick rather than confronting her.

He claimed that if the side chick is a God-fearing lady, she will assist the woman by informing her what her husband is interested in.


“‘ Fighting your husband’s side chick is making him get a better one than the one you are fighting.

‘What do you do to my husband that he succumbs in this way?’ says the side chick. Please assist me; I am a fellow lady like you.

Don’t let me suffer; my marriage is on the verge of falling apart.” “If she is a God-fearing woman, she will tell you, ‘your husband like make dem dey cut his fingernails, your husband like if e dey chop, dey touch him, baldhead,’ your husband like if e dey chop, dey massage him belle.”

“This may appear strange, but I am telling you the gospel truth of wisdom.” No man of God will ever tell you this.”

He claims that nagging does not safeguard a lady with an unfaithful spouse.

He argued it is stupidity to pray when a situation with a side chick arises because that is not the solution.

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