World Cup Day 17 Recap | Morocco STUNS Spain & Portugal better WITHOUT Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Day 17 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup brought the upsets, as Alexi Lalas and David Mosse have you covered with all the content that you need presented by State Farm! Lalas and Mosse recap Morocco’s stunning victory over Spain, headlined by Yassine Bounou’s key saves in the penalty shootout. Lalas and Mosse also break down Portugal’s impressive victory over Switzerland, starring Goncalo Ramos’ hat trick and whether Portugal is better with Cristiano Ronaldo sitting on the bench. To wrap up the show, Lalas and Mosse look ahead to the quarterfinals which feature tantalizing matchups such as England vs. France and Croatia vs. Brazil.

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30 thoughts on “World Cup Day 17 Recap | Morocco STUNS Spain & Portugal better WITHOUT Cristiano Ronaldo?

  1. That is the perfect example of character assassination, all this nonsense comes from the situation that took place after his son’s death, but now nobody remembers that, people forget athletes are humans too. But is always easy to throw stones and chase cloud regardless of the situation. They will make sure Ronaldo’s name gets stained.

  2. Lala's take on penalty's being irrelevant and discarding games… this is what's wrong with these commentators… his soccer IQ is that of a donut… please make it stop

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo was gracious and supportive of his teammates goals while sitting the bench during match with Switzerland. But it did not hide his facial expressions of frustration not being on the pitch while Portugal players scored goal after goal (up to 5 goals before Ronaldo was sub'd in). All he wanted that game was to score one of the goals in that win and you could see this in intensity of his efforts during the 15 minutes he played.

  4. There is no better team no a days, when you get to penalties it only means one thing that both teams understood each other well and competitive to the point to make goal scoring impossible. Spain == Morocco , different styles but doesn't matter. Spain runs the ball too much, Morocco played a solid 100% no mistake game.

  5. Spain’s type of possession game is incredibly detrimental to spread the joy of football or soccer….almost more backward passing than forward…please stop this boring football/soccer style…

  6. Spain did a few slow walk up 3rd person ? and then kicked a slow ball. Brazil player did a studder step, stopped then slammed it into net. Odd walk is okay, but kick hard! and years ago two players kicked it right up the middle. Genius and Alexy Lawless good point on homework.

  7. Portugal didnt play better without Ronaldo ! These biased pundits seem to forget that against Switzerland Portugal also didn’t have Joao Cancelo , Nuno Mendes, Danilo , Rúben Neves , João Mário and Vitinha ! All starting 11 players that had played in the first 3 games ! Stop making these fake biased news about the Cristiano vs the Team ! I know it is your dream to see Ronaldo fail , but it looks bad on you all! You’re a disgrace and have no respect! Most fans of Ronaldo are happy he’s out of Man U under a wanna be coach that just lost a friendly against a minor Spanish team “ without Ronaldo “ too!

  8. Ronaldo is overrated. So glad that POS didn't make it to the finals. Freaking cry baby didn't have enough respect to congratulate the other team. Just like Brasil, they totally underestimated their opponent and paid dearly. Hahahah, yaaaaassssss.

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