Would Raheem Sterling fit into Barcelona's current system? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Frank Leboeuf join Kay Murray to answer your tweets in Extra Time, including:
0:00 What does the crew think about Raheem Sterling’s rumored move from Manchester City to Barcelona?
4:51 Manchester United or Newcastle United: Which club will win the Premier League first?
6:47 Does Shaka watch international football, re: Italy?
9:07 What’s PSG’s best XI when healthy?
11:36 Which two teams will make this season’s UEFA Champions League final?

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50 thoughts on “Would Raheem Sterling fit into Barcelona's current system? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

  1. More like Newcastle more money to win trophy as he tell the world went he jump ship to Manchester city form Liverpool and now gurss is Newcastle as it the new power in the league

  2. “It’s not a good time to go to Barcelona” really? Imagine going to a team that’s struggling and completely transforming it into a win squad again with your ambition and dedication. That’s how legends of the game are born.

  3. Raheem has no confidence on the ball. Imo, H is intimidated by the level of Pep's technical requirements. He appears slightly embarrassed by the number of basic mistakes he makes on the ball. He has so much pace but finds it difficult beating defenders. Can only run in straight lines when on the ball and to often he over runs it or goes down blind allies. He CONSTANTLY goes down to easily, has an unbelievable bad first touch when in the box, doubts his own shooting and crossing ability and constantly ends up not crossing or shooting.
    Like Jesus, Sterling does not get the most outta his attributes because of the style of football PEP loves to promote. Pass, pass and pass again. Finally, Sterling is at his best and most consistent when attacking empty spaces without the ball but struggles when he has time and space. Finally, most of his passes when wide is backwards where the ball came from. Finally…. Sterling would improve vastly under the guidelines and style of Kloop's Liverpool. Liverpool and Klop respects pace and athleticism hence why he gets the most outta Salah and Mane'. He knows how to serve, support and create chances for his forwards. Neither Mane'or Salah have soft first touches like, Debryn, Silva (Rob or David) Godogan, Jesus, Foden or Mahrez but thy get plenty of first time service as goal getters DON'T need as many chances on average to score a goal.

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