Would you rather have Gareth Bale or Harry Kane heading into the World Cup? | ESPN FC Extra Time

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On this edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the crew discuss:

0:00 Intro
0:30 How did Stevie feel watching England lose to Hungary?
1:16 Have you ever played on a pitch as bad as USA vs. El Salvador?
4:05 Is Real Madrid a perfect example of how a club does proper business?
6:13 MLS penalty format?
8:26 What antics would you use as a goalie in a shootout?
10:02 Would you rather have Gareth Bale or Harry Kane in World Cup?
10:56 Prime Fernando Torres or prime David Villa?
12:40 Would Stevie go to Manchester United for Mbappe’s contract?

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34 thoughts on “Would you rather have Gareth Bale or Harry Kane heading into the World Cup? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. I think its often forgotten that Perez has built and still CEO of one of the leading civil engineering companies in the world. Outside of Real Madrid, he’s on the Forbes 100. He’s a top tier businessman in his own right and i think we’ve been able to see that through the way Real Madrid is ran. PSG has all the money in the world but poor club management and you can see how important good management is to a club. What i wonder tho is how will Madrid manage once he retires.

  2. I'm taking David Villa over Torres every day of the week. He was always more important and clutch for Spain and he scored some absolute worldies. He was deadly in the penalty box but also outside of it. Very underrated player.

  3. Yet another reason I can’t take this jokesters seriously 🤦🏾 I can excuse kane over bale as bale hasn’t shown much recently besides getting his team into WC but Torres over Villa their out of their minds villa outscored torres EVERY SEASON even when he was in Liverpool these guys need to let me know who their dealer is cause he got them cracked out

  4. Ik these guys are brain dead sometimes but I thought between Bale and Kane was such an easy answer….ITS BALE. YOU TAKE BALE EVERYTIME. Bale has taken WALES. Theirs more sheeps then people at Wales. What has Kane done for England. 5 goals against Panama and like Andorra and what not in the World Cup? Bale is the only correct answer

  5. Villa was top scorer for Spain in their 3 International trophies. Torres was beautiful to watch but Villa needs some respect on his name. He killed it in Barca as well.

  6. Bale might score more goals at the world cup than Kane and might score against England, Kane will struggle to score v Wales just like he struggled to score v Scotland in the euros due to Southgate`s negative tactics.

  7. Welp. Bale a far better player, far better career and by far (not even close) plays better in internationals.
    If Harry Kane wasn't English, he'd barely (if ever) be talked about….
    And I know this because nobody outside of England rates the guy that highly. He good, not even close tho

  8. It's funny how they say nobody will pick Bale and yet reading the comments and from what I know, the ONLY people not to pick Bale are English. (and Stevie) ….

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